Published: Tue, April 18, 2017
National | By Rosalie Gross

Arkansas fights on multiple legal fronts to begin executions

Arkansas fights on multiple legal fronts to begin executions

Friday, Judge Wendell Griffen, a Pulaski County Circuit Judge both protested Arkansas' death penalty by strapping himself to a gurney, much like the ones used for lethal injection in front of the Governor's Mansion, and also granted a temporary restraining order for McKesson, the manufacturer of Vecuronium Bromide, who alleges they didn't know the State would be using the drug for executions. Griffen issued a temporary restraining order Friday blocking the state from using its supply of vecuronium bromide after a company said it had sold the drug to the state for medical purposes, not capital punishment. Arkansas' supply of one of its three lethal injection drugs, midazolam, expires April 30 and Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson has said he wants to use the drugs before they spoil. Two other pharmaceutical companies have asked a judge to prohibit Arkansas from using their drugs in the upcoming multiple executions.

If the attorney had to rush out to file an emergency petition, it would deprive the inmate of a lawyer to witness the execution, Baker said. Alongside her team of 70 attorneys, the state's top prosecutor has worked through Easter weekend to reestablish the execution schedule.

"ADC personnel used an existing medical license, which is to be used only to order products with legitimate medical uses, and irregular ordering process to obtain the Vecuronium via phone order with a McKesson sales person", the brief said.

Arkansas last put someone to death in 2005.

"I didn't want to come back, but when I heard about the conveyor belt of death that the politicians were trying to set in motion, I guess I knew I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't come back and try to do something", said Echols, who now lives in NY.

Now, McAndrew is fighting against the death penalty.

"Don't let liberal lawyers & judges, washed-up celebrities, & politically correct Big Pharma steal justice from murder victims' families!"

Since 2000, he noted, Texas had carried out 343 executions, and "Europe hasn't stopped doing business in Texas".

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It's also exploring technologies like artificial intelligence to help prevent these videos from being shared in their entirety. Seconds before the shooting, Stephens asked the victim to say the name of a woman believed to associated with the suspect.

We also got a statement from the Arkansas Department of Correction: despite Saturday's ruling and the others that are expected, they are proceeding with preparations and will be ready to carry out that first execution on Monday. Regardless, Rutledge says her office and the Department of Corrections are still moving forward with a plan of executions taking place on Monday. "And these men are going to be partaking in a killing of another human being", Mr McAndrew said.

"Twenty-four hours a day they work with these inmates".

The battle before the courts will continue to play out in coming days, notably over the much-talked-about drug at the center of the controversy. "(D) elaying Appellees' executions by even a few days - until Arkansas's supply of midazolam expires - will make it impossible for Arkansas to carry out Appellees' just and lawful sentences".

"The unnecessarily compressed execution schedule using the risky drug midazolam denies prisoners their right to be free from the risk of torture", he said in a statement.

Some inmates have been left partly conscious, struggling for breath and writhing for almost an hour before dying.

"I don't think we would have acquired the drugs that we have without that confidentiality agreement", Hutchinson said.

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