Published: Tue, May 09, 2017
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Macron tops first round of French presidential elections: final results

Macron tops first round of French presidential elections: final results

Gentiloni held a telephone conversation on Monday with Macron following his win in first round of the election, and both sides agreed to jointly work toward European prosperity, Sputnik reports quoting the Italian government press service.

Melenchon's "France unbowed" political movement said in a statement that none of it members would vote for far-right leader Marine Le Pen on May 7.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, who repeatedly has been convicted of crimes based on anti-Semitism and racism, founded the far-right National Front party that his daughter Marine now leads. Voters rejected the two mainstream parties that have alternated power for decades, in favor of Le Pen and the untested Macron, who has never held elected office and who founded his own political movement just past year.

In a solemn address from the Elysee palace, Hollande said he would vote for Macron, his former economy minister, because Le Pen represents "both the danger of the isolation of France and of rupture with the European Union".

Le Pen wants to return France to the franc, close French borders and renegotiate the relationship with Europe, followed by a referendum on the issue.

"Her positions are not as radical as those of her father", Crowther said.

The two opposing French candidates received tacit support from two opposing US politicians in the lead up to the first round vote.

"I'm not convinced that the French are willing to sign a blank check to Mr. Macron", he said.

Local polls bode well for May ahead of GE
And it was more popular among Liberal Democrat (44 per cent) and Labour (40 per cent) supporters than Tories (19 per cent). Results showed a loss of 144 seats for Labour - only five weeks before the snap general election.

According to ministry data, the voting turnout in the presidential election's first leg stood at 77.8 percent, slightly down from 2012.

French far-right presidential contender Marine Le Pen has called for more food to be produced and consumed in the country.

Following the result Le Pen said "the survival of France is at stake" and slammed Macron for being "weak" on terror in what will remain one of her core messages.

"I have always considered that the President of the Republic is the President of all the French and must gather all the French, but it is necessary to translate words into act", she told France 2 public television on Monday.

"She's been in the political system for 30 years".

Francois Fillon, the scandal-plagued conservative Republicans candidate, fared marginally better, coming in third with just shy of 20 percent of the vote.

Ms Le Pen has said in the past that she is not a candidate of her party, and made that point when she rolled out her platform in February, saying the measures she was espousing were not her party's, but her own. And the German chancellor's chief of staff, Peter Altmaier, tweeted that "the result for Emmanuel Macron shows: France AND Europe can win together!" Le Pen accounted for 21.3% of first round votes, finishing runner-up to Emmanuel Macron who received 24% of all votes.

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