Published: Fri, May 12, 2017
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Nintendo details plans for E3 2017, Spotlight, Treehouse and Tournaments

Nintendo details plans for E3 2017, Spotlight, Treehouse and Tournaments

If you are from the United Kingdom and don't feel like buying the new games released for Nintendo Switch yet, maybe you are willing to spend £100 for the new Nintendo Switch TV Dock Bundle!

Nintendo's E3 activities kick off Tuesday, June 13, at 9 a.m. PT with its Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017 video presentation.

Nintendo will be present at E3 2017 with Super Mario Odyssey, the adventure of Mario in sandbox style that will be playable for the first time in the Los Angeles fair, and many other titles for Nintendo Switch. Check out the Nintendo E3 2017 schedule below.

Nintendo is gearing up for a fun and informative E3 this year, even if they did not plan a traditional media conference.

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Rime is set to launch later this month for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, though the game is also set to be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. Beginning on June 14 Nintendo will be hosting the ARMS Open Invitational. It was highlighted today in a report from Japan that the Switch can make bigger leaps in sales once Monster Hunter XX gets ported over to the system. Nintendo's Treehouse hosts will interview developers of the games while giving us a glimpse at gameplay.

Nintendo's E3 2017 schedule. "We have a tremendous relationship with Nintendo and have done for many, many years and are excited by the fact that they have come out very strong and are bringing in a whole new player base into the ecosystem". The Pouch for Nintendo Switch is available in five variants, from Waxed Canvas to Leather. This is a good news for the buyers of Nintendo Switch, and more of an assurance from Nintendo that they are personally taking care and monitoring things about the third-party games that are now in development for Nintendo Switch. You get all the announcements quickly, without the hour-long fluff of lights and noise, and then can wait and just watch when you want to see the games you want.

The new Nintendo Switch TV Dock Bundle lets users play Switch games on the TV while charging the device for a handheld mode.

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