Published: Fri, May 12, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Trump Applauds Australia's Universal Health Care At The Most Ironic Moment

Trump Applauds Australia's Universal Health Care At The Most Ironic Moment

As CNBC reported, Trump had spoken earlier in the day in NY at a press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and touted Republicans' latest health care bill.

President Donald Trump's praise of Australia's government-funded health care system has raised the ire of Sen.

He spent just a few hours in his New York City hometown on Thursday, but avoided Trump Tower, where security has been tightened and the costs for it have mounted since he became president.

"It's a very good bill right now, the premiums are going to come down very substantially, the deductibles are going to come down", Trump said of the American Health Care Act in a press conference Thursday with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. "So maybe when we get to the Senate we should start off with looking at the Australian healthcare system". "That's great. Let's take a look at the Australian health care system", Sanders said. While the Australian government spent 9 percent of its GDP on health care, the United States spent almost double that - 17 percent. This year Canadian provinces will receive $37.1 billion CAD ($26.9 billion USD) from the country's federal government to pay for their health care system. Bernie Sanders of Vermont during an interview on MSNBC's "All in with Chris Hayes".

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"They don't throw 24 million people off health insurance".

Senator Bernie Sanders quickly tweeted that Australia provides free or subsidised health care. "The president has just said it". The President thanked Prime Minister Turnbull for traveling to NY for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, a gesture which shows the deep ties between the United States and Australia.

Trump's new healthcare plan still has to pass the Senate, and Sanders pledged to quote the president's backing of the Australian system while debating the bill on the Senate floor.

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