Published: Sat, May 13, 2017
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Corbyn says he won't quit even if he loses election

Corbyn says he won't quit even if he loses election

Mrs May said the leaked draft of Labour's General Election manifesto was a "multibillion-pound ideological wish list of deliverable promises" with a funding shortfall estimated to be "at least £30 billion".

Last month, Mr Johnson signalled the United Kingdom could join any U.S. military action against Syria without parliamentary approval and when questioned by reporters on Friday he said he stuck by those comments. "And pandering to an erratic Trump administration will not deliver stability", he will say.

In a series of barbed comments aimed at the shadow home secretary - who struggled in a radio interview over the cost of her policy on police recruitment - Mrs May said: "Labour can not add up".

Corbyn said the US-led policy of regime change "in Afghanistan Iraq, Libya, and Syria - and western interventions in Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen have failed. and made the world a more unsafe place".

Labour is trailing badly in opinion polls, with leader Jeremy Corbyn criticised by some supporters for not opposing Prime Minister Theresa May's European Union exit strategy strongly enough, and by others for not embracing Brexit more enthusiastically.

"Our manifesto will be an offer, and we believe the policies in it are very popular", Mr Corbyn said, adding that there had been unanimous agreement on a programme that would "transform the lives of many people in our society".

The Labour leader said wars have increased insecurity "at home", and, "they have caused destabilization and devastation overseas".

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He also cited Trump, saying he seemed "sadly determined to add to the dangers by recklessly escalating the confrontation with North Korea, unilaterally launching missile strikes on Syria", and opposing his predecessor Barack Obama's "great achievement" of a deal with Iran on its nuclear ambitions.

"I accept that military action, under global law and as a genuine last resort, is in some circumstances necessary", he said.

The party's main slogan is "strong and stable" - in contrast to what May calls "a Corbyn-led coalition of chaos".

The Labour leader sought to respond to Tory claims he was weak on defence and security policy by insisting he was "not a pacifist" but that if he was prime minister, the UK would focus on diplomacy and United Nations efforts to find solutions to conflicts.

Mr Brown said: "Ask yourself, is the National Health Service safe with the Conservative candidates, or the Ukip candidates, or the Liberal candidates in Coventry?".

She said: "He says he wants to change Britain - and that's true".

"But we want the best, most prosperous and most equal future for our city and our country".

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