Published: Sun, May 14, 2017
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CIA accused of plotting Kim Jong-Un's killing

CIA accused of plotting Kim Jong-Un's killing

Pyongyang has accused the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS) of plotting against North Korea.

In an image released on Friday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspects what the country's by Korean Central News Agency says is a defence installation on Jangjae Islet in the waters off the southwest of the copuntry.

Pyongyang claims the CIA and Seoul's Intelligence Services had "hatched a vicious plot" to kill the secretive state's young leader as he attended ceremonial events.

According to North Korea's state-run Korean Central News Agency, "a ugly terrorists' group" directed by CIA and South Korean spies "ideologically corrupted" a North Korean dissident identified as "Kim" and paid the man more than $20,000 to carry out the attack.

A North Korean newspaper said that the nation was "waiting for the moment it will reduce the whole of the US mainland to ruins".

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Possible locations included the mausoleum where Kim Jong-Un's father and grandfather - the North's founder - lie in state, or a military parade.

It is likely that any economic pressure will negatively affect China, which is North Korea's closest trading partner.

The North's ministry claimed that South Korean intelligence agents conspired with the CIA and bribed a North Korean timber worker surnamed Kim in Russian Federation in June 2014 and turned him into a terrorist.

North Korea carries out new ballistic missile test
But he slammed the missile test as a "reckless provocation" after holding an emergency meeting with national security advisers. Earlier, Japanese officials said the missile landed in the Sea of Japan but outside the country's exclusive economic zone.

A source within the South Korean military said Kim paid his visit to the islets - both of which are well-stocked with rocket launchers and other artillery - yesterday (Thursday) on a small vessel.

A war of words between the West and nuclear-armed North Korea has escalated in recent weeks, with Pyongyang threatening to carry out a sixth nuclear test.

The latest of those was Monday, when two US B-1 bombers from Guam conducted a joint drill with South Korea and Japan's air forces over the Korean Peninsula, according to the US Air Force.

The accusations come as worldwide pressure mounts against North Korea over its growing nuclear weapons program.

The lurid accusations come with Pyongyang and Washington at loggerheads over the North's banned weapons programmes, which have seen it subjected to multiple sets of United Nations Security Council sanctions. The claim's accuracy not be immediately verified by USA TODAY.

North Korea has a history of bombastic propaganda featuring unfounded claims.

North Korea repeatedly denied any involvement in Kim's death.

With North Korea refusing to stand down on its nuclear and missile programs and threats, it is becoming increasingly hard to avoid some form of conflict in the near future that could possibly lead to a full blown war and eventually a World War.

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