Published: Sun, May 14, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Coming to Microsoft's Windows Store: Apple iTunes, and Linux distributions

Coming to Microsoft's Windows Store: Apple iTunes, and Linux distributions

The application is built on.NET and is distributed through the Windows store, so developers will have access to 3D for all of their applications. That's exactly what Microsoft is doing with the new Xamarin Live Player, which will allow iOS app developers to deploy, test and debug applications on any Windows PC running Visual Studio.

Windows Story Remix appears to be a genuine replacement to Movie Maker.

Microsoft also announced a universal clipboard, which will let you copy text from one device and paste it on another. The new design language will work on all Windows 10 devices and offers a similar experience. But that's going to change: at Build this week, Microsoft announced that WSL will be included in Server later this year.

Microsoft has announced that iTunes is coming to the Windows 10 Store, this is good news for Apple as it could help them get more iTunes users.

Finally, there is also a new "Clipboard" feature, which will also be viewable on Windows and Android/iOS.

"If it works as well as the demos suggest, it will be successful because the reality is, we live in a heterogeneous world of Windows, Android and iOS".

Microsoft demonstrated this with its new Story Remix app running on a PC and then an iPhone and back to a PC.

Last but not least, OneDrive is received a new feature when the Fall Creators Update rolls out later this year. "Cortana asks if you want to pick up where you left in your app, doc, or website", said Myerson in a blog post.

North Korea launches new missile
North Korea launched 10 ballistic missiles this year in seven tests, the most previous on April 29, almost 12 hours before a U.S. The missile which landed in the sea between North Korea and Japan was also detected by the United Sates Pacific Command (USPC).

With the announcement of the intelligent chat-bots in Skype, Bing and Cortana, Microsoft also released the Azure apps for the iOS and Android platform.

Windows 10 represents a comeback for Microsoft after the colossal flop of Windows 8, whose ill-conceived designed deepened a decline in PC sales and contributed to the departure of Nadella's predecessor, Steve Ballmer.

The company is also introducing OneDrive files on demand, which lets users quickly see items stored in the cloud on local machines without having to download files.

Acer Inc. plans to sell a headset and motion controller bundle for $399 this holiday season, Microsoft said.

Apple to bring the iTunes to the Windows Store soon.

The Redmond, Washington, company calls the emerging field "mixed reality" because it melds the artificial with things that are actually happening around us.

ITunes, Apple's almost two-decade-old music and video store, is coming to the Windows Store.

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