Published: Sun, May 14, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

'Fast decision' expected on Comey's Federal Bureau of Investigation replacement

U.S. President Donald Trump said Saturday that a new Federal Bureau of Investigation director could be named in the next week.

In the tweet, Trump also warned Comey about leaking to the press: "James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" She characterized Trump's decision to fire Comey amid an active investigation into his campaign as somehow consistent with the "drain the swamp" message Trump used in the last weeks of the campaign.

Alice Fisher, a high-ranking Justice Department official in former President George W. Bush's administration, was among those scheduled to be interviewed Saturday. The veiled threat added to the storm over Trump's abrupt firing of Comey.

"What I did was I was going to fire Comey". Spicer said Trump wanted to "choose a leader who can restore leadership" and boost flagging morale. The ousted director has told associates he was summoned to the White House for a one-on-one dinner with Trump just seven days after the January 20 inauguration, according to the paper.

"You have a level of hostility that's incredible and it's very unfair", said Trump. What's more, House members are now demanding Trump release any such tapes, if they do indeed exist, because that's what happens when you imply you have secret recordings of government officials.

Just days before the presidential election, Comey announces the FBI is reopening its investigation into Clinton's email on the back of evidence found on Weiner's laptop.

Trump's advisers have repeatedly tried to downplay the Russia-election matter, with Sanders saying Wednesday the FBI was "doing a whole lot more than the Russian Federation investigation".

The president said he came to the decision to oust Comey on Tuesday after thinking about how "this Russian Federation a made up story".

According to a report in the New York Times, Mr Comey said he would offer the president honesty, but not loyalty.

Trump doesn't think daily press briefings are necessary anymore
As an alternative, he suggested having a press conference every two weeks that he would host himself. He agreed with Pirro's assertion that he moves so quickly, his communications staff can not keep up.

Mr Trump has insisted Mr Comey told him that he was not under investigation. Comey found the allegations confounding, according to his associate, and wondered what to make of what he described as odd thoughts coming from his new boss. This version of events conforms to what Trump wrote in his letter dismissing Comey.

The U.S. Senate's No. 2 Democrat, Richard Durbin, slammed the president after Friday's tweet about Comey.

Durbin added, "His credibility has been destroyed".

The White House initially cited a Justice Department memo criticizing Comey's handling of last year's investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails as the impetus for Trump's decision. "The Republicans like him", Trump said of Rosenstein.

Shortly after the interview was published, Jonathan Karl, the chief White House correspondent for ABC News, asked Sanders if she, Spicer and Pence had been "left in the dark" about Trump's decision making or had been misled. Particularly eyebrow-raising was Trump's assertion that he had received three separate assurances from the FBI director that he is not now under investigation by the bureau. "The integrity of our law enforcement agencies and their leadership is of the utmost importance to President Trump". Moscow has denied any such meddling.

"As a very active President with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with flawless accuracy!", the president tweeted.

Thanks to this supposedly high bar, Trump suggested it might be worthwhile to call off all future White House press briefings and instead hand out written responses to make sure they are accurate.

White House Correspondents Association President Jeff Mason, a reporter for Reuters, said the the group would object to any move to cancel White House press briefings.

"Doing away with briefings would reduce accountability, transparency and the opportunity for Americans to see that, in the USA system, no political figure is above being questioned", the statement read.

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