Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Android O Beta detailed in Google I/O 2017 Conference

Google highlights some new features in the successor to Android Nougat.

CEO Sundar Pichai and other executives took the stage at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, to announce the company's latest hardware and software news.

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He started with a big of bragging.

Further Android O will bring in optimizations in the OS and according to Google the new OS will have twice as fast boot time than before.

The future, said Pichai, is AI first.

With a smart selection tool Android O recognizes the type of text that the user selects. It's currently on 100 million devices and now it's taking the fight to Apple's home turf. That still requires one more step to get to than Siri. The company's ambitions are expanding, and now, it seems that Daydream will soon also support a new category of VR devices, called standalone VR headsets. Google has been trying similar features in other apps as well.

Other home appliances, ranging from air conditioner, oven, dryer to robot vacuum cleaner will also be enhanced with the Google AI technology, later on, the company said. This app will communicate with the user in four different languages - French, German, Portuguese and Japanese. Point the camera at a flower and the Assistant will identify it for you. Day by day, they have been improving in Artificial Intelligence, through this technique user can mesh with it.

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In view of latest threats from rival AI speakers, the Home speaker gets the ability to do free calls in USA and Canada.

Lens features are rolling out to Android in the coming months.

Google plans to roll out Android O OS later this year. It will scan your email threads and suggest appropriate replies based on your conversations. Per se, if your device is infected with a fraudulent ransomware app, it won't be able to access the data of other apps or even the system resources.

Google has also announced new entertainment options for Home, including nonpremium Spotify usage, HBO Now streaming (with a Chromecast dongle), Soundcloud streaming, Netflix and more. You can ask for directions to a specific address, what's now on YouTube TV or an image of your schedule and Google Home will be able to display it on your phone or TV.

It's also bringing over "proactive" suggestions from Google Now. That means Google's AI will actually be "aware" of what's going on, and alert you if there's a problem with your schedule. Ask it "What's up?" to hear the messages. The Home will be able to show responses on a TV or smartphone screen. Right now, we only have this limited info from Google's developer preview documentation, but we'll stay tuned to see if it ends up being something really compelling. Android O will include a number of new features, like autofill, redesigned settings and downloadable fonts.

The world looks out for a new Android every year and Google unveiled the Beta version of its latest Android O for Pixel devices. It even recommends which collection styles it thinks would work best with your photos. With the special version, apps use less data and memory.

The feature allows you to call any phone for free, and there's basically no set up required.

Google has also said that there will be wise limits applied to background services and this will prevent apps from running in the background for too long. Presumably, maps will pick it up from there and guide you on your way.

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