Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Britain's Labour Party to launch 'radical, responsible' election manifesto

Holding a second independence referendum "is the wrong thing to do for Scotland's economy", the UK Labour leader has said.

There are some problems here...

"This manifesto is really about significantly increasing the tax take to spend significantly more", Resolution Foundation director Torsten Bell said.

Speaking in Glasgow, Kezia Dugdale will say these voters are a "majority for change" and are not served by either the SNP or the Conservatives.

THE controversial Trident nuclear deterrent would be retained under a Labour government, the party has confirmed in its manifesto.

"And that they will decide it is now time for Labour".

Numerous details of the manifesto were leaked to the media last week, but there were some new announcements, including a plan to nationalise water, as well as the Royal Mail and the railway network.

The detail of how this will be achieved and how much it will cost is not explained in today's documents.

He said the government would supply £100bn of borrowed money to float the new publicly owned banks, and raise an additional £150bn from the private sector.

Labour's manifesto also included calls for the "reasonable management" of immigration, plans to build 100,000 affordable homes per year, a guarantee of the status of EU nationals in the United Kingdom and a refusal to leave the European Union without a Brexit deal in place.

But it's on the long-term spending - which Labour have exempted from their Fiscal Credibility Rule - where the numbers are trickier. Labour's policy could raise something like the £4.5 billion per year it expects, but it could also raise nothing'.

The biggest single new spending commitment?

Research published yesterday, May 15, by Novara Media suggested that the youth vote has the potential to swing the election result in Labour's favor.

We pushed Labour on this and they told us the commitment they are making is to have debt falling "as a percentage of (trend) GDP".

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7 Target of "eliminating the government's deficit on day-to-day spending within five years".

Labour also plans to squeeze almost £20 billion ($26 billion) out of businesses.

- £6.4bn to be raised from income tax from the top 5%.

Opinions differ about how to describe these people.

How high could income tax be set?

Insiders close to Mr Corbyn say his programme is not about class war, it is about creating a better society and that means the wealthy few - around a million people in fact - paying more.

Concrete support for renewal of the missiles came after suggestions to that effect when the party's draft manifesto was leaked last week.

Who will the tax rises affect?

Corbyn promised to scrap university tuition fees, a pledge met with huge cheers from supporters gathered to hear him speak at Bradford University.

It follows government moves in October previous year to cut the pharmacy budget by £170m, threatening the closure of thousands of pharmacies across England.

In 2015 the Conservatives committed to cutting the welfare budget by £12 billion.

One user, Laura Grant, said: "Labour manifesto doesn't include costings for nationalisation of #water #rail and Royal Mail".

Ban "zero hours" contracts to ensure workers have a guaranteed number of hours each week, and restore sectoral collective bargaining for trade unions.

However the Conservative offensive - backed by a new poster campaign - underlines their belief that Jeremy Corbyn's credibility on the economy remains a key Labour weakness.

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