Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
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Game Changers' Andrea Boehlke — Survivor Ponderosa

Game Changers' Andrea Boehlke — Survivor Ponderosa

As for what actually did, that's something to break down given that things moved SO quickly and without a lot of time to think things over.

The castaways head back to camp. Aubry thinks she was probably just pandering to Sierra, who now joins the jury. The advantage is non-transferrable, so only Sarah can use it. She realized that she was playing the game hard.

Sarah sneaks off to read the advantage Sierra left her.

The Vote: Andrea, Brad, Andrea, Brad, Andrea, Andrea, Andrea the 13th person voted out and the sixth member of the jury ANDREA!

But Cirie wasn't sold on the idea, so she went to Sarah about possibly getting rid of Andrea. It is a Survivor classic last won by Cochran.

Regardless of Andrea wanting Sarah out, Aubry said Brad was her target. While others rise and fall, Aubry pushes through with lightning speed. However, she probably should have been focusing on prepping for the next immunity challenge. However, it wasn't just Sarah and Andrea who felt unsafe. Sarah has so far been bullet-proof and she has two secret advantages, either one of which she can deploy to protect herself. She's physical and strategic, able to build alliances and win immunities, but she just hasn't been able to completely integrate into that core group that makes it all the way to the end. So, no chance of him being voted off. He pretends he didn't hear her, but Michaela refuses to be ignored by him. With Sierra gone, Brad has to be sweating his position in the tribe. Seriously? How is that blackmail? She was fifth place in Redemption Island and seventh in Caramoan, both times making it deep into the merge but coming up just shy of the end game.

Andrea is busy talking trash against Sarah. Cirie hopes she can fool Tai. Aubry thinks the time is good to get rid of Culpepper. Who to back stab, who to back stab? There are only eight people left in the game, and two will leave the game tonight. Andrea Boehlke and Michaela Bradshaw were voted out by the other contestants. We got a headache. Jeff goes to tally the votes. What? You mean I'm not in charge? Be sure to let us know down in the comments section.

Aubry is in tears about Andrea being voted off (we are, too, because we had Andrea in the office pool). Cirie gets up and goes over to tell Sarah something she tells her she was using the extra vote to save Sarah and vote out Tai.

Oh dear lord, it's already time for the next challenge. The castaways have to perch on a pole, lift a bucket of water up and pour in a tube to get a key. Complicated enough? Well the buckets have holes in them. After finishing that round, they had to go to a table and remove some ropes to get a key. Michaela is first back to shore.

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Michaela finishes her puzzle, but she has some pieces out of place.

Aubry is another player who hasn't done much to be on anyone's radar.

"You start to feel uneasy". She believed Aubry and wanted to vote out Tai. Sarah then tells Cirie to hold onto her advantage of stealing one's vote, so this way, her trust with Cirie is proven. Cirie chose to take it a next step further to save Sarah; she started crying to Tai saying she would use an advantage to steal Sarah's vote and save him. Sarah was whispering in Tai and Cirie's ears.

Cirie is trying to figure out all the angles.

At this point of the game, Sarah has two advantages, Tai has one Idol, and oh yeah, Troyzan has an Idol too.

Cirie goes to see Sarah and tells her Andrea should go because she thinks Aubrey and Andrea are in cahoots. This episode, she noticed all the tell-tale signs that suggested something was amiss.

Cirie finds herself in a similar situation. He might have to play one of his two idols to protect himself. Sarah says it worked and she now has the advantage. When they work, you're a genius and when they don't, you're usually blindsided. Troyzan says even when you do something nice for someone, the favor is rarely returned. She is also willing to make big moves without over thinking it. Sarah, on the other hand, correctly read that Cirie was on her side. She then tries to use the advantage to steal Sarah's vote, but Sarah says that's her advantage and that the rules say Cirie can't steal it from her. Cirie notes she didn't steal it, it was given to her. She might not be anyone's target at this next Tribal Council but no one is going to want to sit next to Cirie at the end of the game. Oops. Chaos ensues. Sarah whispers something to Tai. Sarah used her two votes on Michaela; Troyzan and Brad used theirs for her as well.

It's no surprise that besides Culpepper, the player people are going after is Andrea Boehkle, who made the apparently fatal mistake of going after Sarah Lacina, the MVP of this season who keeps making masterful moves by shifting alliances. She was voted off and joined the jury on Survivor Game Changers 2017! With the Season Finale next Wednesday, 5/24, this week's episode contained a double Tribal Council.

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