Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Google Assistant now available on iOS

Google is releasing its voice-controlled assistant on a free app designed for iPhone's operating system - basically competing with Apple's assistant on her own turf.

The Android O is the successor to Android Nougat and Google highlighted some new features to expect with the new Developer Preview 2 release, which is now available as public beta users globally as part of the Android O Beta Program. Photos is a very popular feature and it is very useful to many people. This feature brings the power of machine learning to bear on the chat app.

Google Assistant, the center of its AI efforts, is in a fierce battle with rivals such as Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and Apple's Siri to be the top choice for use in smartphones as well as connected homes, cars and a range of other devices.

"Siri's got company, and all these other guys are pretty serious about it", said Gartner analyst Brian Blau.

Search engine giant Google will provide a look at its digital services and gadgets at its Mountain View, California, headquarters as it looks to increase its reach into people's lives even more than it now does. Or point the camera at the exterior of a restaurant and it will pull up reviews of the place. Google claims the feature will be smart enough so that you could auto-share only specific photos - say, of your kids - to your partner or a friend. So if you see a flower, you can point your camera at it to find out its name.

What we know about the Russia-Trump investigation
Eric Freedman, a Hofstra University law professor, has long believed that a president can be prosecuted while in office. Party support that dips into the 70 per cent range is "where landslide elections start to occur", Huder says.

Google also unveiled a second-generation computer chip it designed specifically to improve cloud computing capabilities in data centers.

Like its Android counterpart, Google Assistant on iOS answers your questions - from general knowledge, news and weather, local business opening times, and calendar appointments.

"I think, in general, we'll start to see devaluation of individual devices over time", Blau said.

During its I/O 2017 developers conference, the company's CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced Google Lens, new technology coming soon to smartphones. One of the most spectacular announcements of this conference was the new version of the Photos app, which made it totally independent of Google+, and enabled an unlimited number of photos and videos to be stored free on the cloud, along with picture organization features.

It's similar in some ways to Android Pay, a mobile wallet Google debuted that lets shoppers upload their credit and debit card information to the mobile app to pay for items in stores.

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