Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
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Labour at its highest rating in the polls since election campaign began

Labour at its highest rating in the polls since election campaign began

But it is the announcement of a new Minister for Peace that is likely to raise eyebrows, given the Labour leader has been dogged with questions over whether he would be willing to use the country's armed forces.

Mr Corbyn used the speech to try and bolster his defence credentials but he failed to cleanly deliver pre-briefed comments that he is "not a pacifist".

Meanwhile 56% of respondents told Comres that they believed Jeremy Corbyn "would be a disaster as Prime Minister" as opposed to just 30% who said he "would be given a fair chance of leading the country".

Speaking at the Chatham House think-tank in London, Mr Corbyn cautioned against a "bomb first, talk later" approach to foreign policy.

He added: "The best defence for Britain is a government actively engaged in seeking peaceful solutions to the world's problems".

After claims from Tory high command that he was a pacifist, Mr Corbyn insisted he was not, saying: "I accept that military action, under global law and as a genuine last resort, is in some circumstances necessary".

Despite his long record as an anti-war campaigner, the Labour leader says there are circumstances when military intervention is justified as a "genuine last resort".

The Prime Minister shot back at the Labour leader after he accused her of "pandering" to US President Donald Trump as he set out plans for a major shift in British foreign policy.

Wyre Forest hopeful says Corbyn's vision will benefit the area
The bank idea is in the manifesto , but there's no mention of that £100bn. "I think it would be extraordinary", Mr McCluskey said. Other pledges in the Labour manifesto include building one million new homes and adding four national holidays to the calendar.

Mr Corbyn said it was the fourth general election in a row during which the United Kingdom had been at war. "So no more hand-holding with Donald Trump".

Speaking during a Conservative campaign visit to an indoor market in Newport, south Wales, Mr Johnson said: "I am genuinely anxious about some of the things Jeremy Corbyn stands for and believes in".

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said that "waiting to see which way the wind blows in Washington isn't strong leadership".

However, responding to the speech, Mr Farron said Mr Corbyn "has shown beyond all doubt that he would put Britain's security at risk". "To persist with it, as the Conservative Government has made clear it is determined to do, is a recipe for increasing, not reducing, threats and insecurity", he added.

" If circumstances arose where that was a real option, it would represent complete and cataclysmic failure".

"From stagnant pay and worsening conditions to poor housing, the morale of our service personnel and veterans is at rock bottom".

Conservative PM Theresa May will claim Labour has "deserted" working-class voters as she campaigns in the north east of England on Friday.

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