Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Microsoft Has Renewed The Trademark For Scalebound

Microsoft Has Renewed The Trademark For Scalebound

It was revealed recently that Microsoft has extended their trademark for Scalebound, meaning that they have another 6 months to prove that the trademark is being used in commerce.

When Microsoft cancelled development on Platinum Games' Scalebound, the response was understandably angry. Sources close to the project reportedly told Eurogamer: "With continuing issues surrounding the game's engine and overdue deadlines, the decision was made that the project could no longer continue". "The IP is alive". The company could be holding onto the mark just in case it wants to revisit Scalebound at some future point, or it could even have done so just for the brand protection goal of preventing someone else from creating a video game - or other product - bearing a name that resembles a product that was once a major part of Microsoft's Xbox One strategy. Those wondering about the game not being developed by Platinum Games, well the IP is owned by Microsoft, so it can have any studio develop Scalebound. This makes it the second time they have filed a trademark extension, giving them another 18 months in total to keep the trademark without actually doing anything with it.

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Whatever is the case, Microsoft seems to have not given up on the IP completely. However, with X-Rays claiming that the rebooted version of the game is being built from the ground up, this could mean that Microsoft is looking to create a different style of game to Platinum's original vision but still set within the Scalebound world.

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