Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

NHS systems returning to normal after cyber attack

This is because the virus has especially affected older Microsoft systems by taking advantage of a weakness found in documents leaked from the US National Security Agency.

Microsoft had released a patch in March to counter WannaCrypt ransomware, the company also issued a prompt update on Friday to Windows Defender to detect the WannaCrypt attack.

"The infection of one computer triggers rather remotely the infection of entire networks", Wainwright said.

State-owned oil giant PetroChina said in a statement that it had to disconnect the networks linking its petrol stations nationwide for 12 hours last Saturday and accept only cash after the company's Internet payment functions were disabled.

Many users report the amount of the ransom as $300 worth of bitcoin, a form of digital currency. Ransomware viruses usually infect a pc through an email attachment.

The malware can be described as a Trojan horse that is embedded within a hyperlink, advert or webpage that one opens which gives the virus an opening to infiltrate and take over your computer. That makes it especially unsafe for large companies - only one employee clicking on a suspicious attachment could bring down the company's entire system.

Raw: Oklahoma Tornado Kills At Least One Person
Then he saw a funnel cloud and ran inside. "I was one of those people who thought, 'Ah, it won't happen to me.' But never again". The tornados were part of a system of severe storms that rolled through the northern Chippewa Valley Tuesday evening.

"We don't know when the problem can be solved", said the spokesman. He says this order will help the government stay more secure.

IT administrators and cyber security experts are on high alert this morning as people return to work three days after malicious software began causing extensive damage around the globe.

It was unclear Sunday whether Microsoft was delivering the new Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003 patches via the standard Windows Update maintenance service, or if users were required to manually download the appropriate fixes from the Update Catalog.

Computers around the globe were hacked beginning on Friday using a security flaw in Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, an older version that was no longer given mainstream tech support by the U.S. giant. This may be the first time that Microsoft has ever issued patches for decommissioned software.

WannaCry takes advantage of a vulnerability discovered by the NSA and made public by hackers in April.

Smith warned governments against stockpiling such vulnerabilities and said instead they should report them to manufacturers - not sell, store or exploit them, lest they fall into the wrong hands. An equivalent scenario with conventional weapons would be the USA military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen. We can certainly question whether they are having much impact given the scale of the recent Ransomware attack.

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