Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
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Shadow Brokers teases more Windows exploits and cyberespionage data

Shadow Brokers teases more Windows exploits and cyberespionage data

ShadowBrokers is not believed to be the source of the ransomware attack itself, which some analysts say could be linked to North Korea.

The malware is installed on the host computer, the user locked out and the data shelved. CERT-In, the government's cyber security arm, has maintained that apart from five or six isolated instances, there are no reports of a substantial scale to indicate that Indian systems have been hit. His law firm sued LinkedIn after a 2012 data breach, alleging individuals paid for premium accounts because the company falsely stated it had top-quality cyber security measures. Entities such as multinational corporations, hospitals, or energy companies are attractive targets for ransomware due to the ability to infect multiple computers on a single network and encrypt valuable data. Variants of the malware have surfaced that avoid being switched off using techniques discovered earlier by researchers. In India, the attack has been found extensively in Andhra Pradesh where gram panchayats have also been targeted.

A group that took credit for leaking NSA cyber spying tools - including ones used in the WannaCry global ransomware attack - has said it plans to sell code that can be used to hack into the world's most used computers, software and phones.

In what one of the most significant cyberattacks ever recorded, computer systems from the Russia, Brazil and the USA were hit beginning Friday by malicious software that exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows operating system.

"The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake-up call", Smith said.

According to Microsoft, the affected computers did not have security patches. Windows XP, which is used in nearly 70% of ATM's in India, is prone to this malicious virus, however, considering that the banks are using closed networks the chances of vulnerability and attacks are considerably reduced.

Instead of developing hacking tools in secret and holding them for use against adversaries, governments and intelligence agencies should share weaknesses they find with Microsoft and other software makers so that vulnerabilities can be repaired.

US should take some blame for cyber attack: Chinese state media
Then there's the US government, whose Windows hacking tools were leaked to the internet and got into the hands of cybercriminals. ET had on Tuesday reported that many Indian companies after being attacked by WannaCry , had even paid the hackers.

A deeper look into the Trojan's eruption reveals a callous disregard on Microsoft's part for users of its older operating systems.

The "ransomware" cyberattack on companies and governments around the world has yet to victimize anyone at the University of IL, mostly because the UI bans outdated versions of the Windows operating system targeted by the virus.

A group of hackers that previously leaked alleged U.S. National Security Agency exploits claims to have even more attack tools in its possession and plans to release them in a new subscription-based service.

However, Microsoft was not doing a favour by "taking this highly unusual step" for its paying customers, and could be sued for neglecting its users.

Even though some security experts predicted that ransomware attacks would recede this year, that is not happening and the NSA leak suggests there will be additional attacks.

But security experts challenged that argument, saying that Microsoft could not be expected to keep updating old software products indefinitely.

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