Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Slovakia welcomes Macron's win in French presidential election: PM

Sylvie Goulard, a centrist member of the European Parliament who supports Mr Macron, told the CNews channel Monday that Mr Macron would go to Berlin for his first trip outside France, but she added he might first visit French troops posted overseas.

Market reaction Monday to Macron's victory was subdued: investors were expecting it and seem wary of the difficulties he faces.

In midday trading, the CAC 40 index of leading French shares was down 1 percent at 5,379.

Three projections, issued within minutes of polling stations closing at 8pm (1800GMT), showed Macron beating Le Pen by about 65 percent to 35 - a gap wider than the 20 or so percentage points that pre-election surveys had pointed to.

Split 50-50 between men and women, they'll have Macron's example for inspiration: Contesting his first election, he handily beat Le Pen with 66 percent of Sunday's vote and tore up France's political map.

To discuss the victory of Emmanuel Macron and the future of France following the contentious election, CGTN's Elaine Reyes spoke to Michael Kimmage, Transatlantic Academy Fellow for the German Marshall Fund. "France is also Slovakia's one of the most important partners in the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation", the minister Twitted. The region's stocks had already rallied since the first round of the presidential election on April 24, with the broader Stoxx 600 still up 9 per cent this year. Nowhere was that more evident than when workers at a Whirlpool factory in Amiens, Macron's home town, that is losing jobs to a plant in Poland gave Le Pen a boisterous and warm welcome - and greeted Macron the same day with loud boos. Around 11 million people voted for Le Pen, about a third of those who cast their ballots. Of those voting, nearly 10 percent voted "blanc" (white) - submitting blank pieces of paper rather than voting for either candidate.

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Thank you for making me laugh for the first time in what feels like a week and a century, Stephen. "It's the job. Indeed, for fans of Colbert, his show has been a complete blessing in the midst of a Trump presidency.

"Now yesterday a new French president was elected".

The economic policies of Macron, a former banker who at 39 will be the youngest president in the history of the Fifth Republic of France, differ significantly from those of the Socialist Party.

Macron's movement announced Monday that it was rebranding itself with a new name, "Republic on the Move".

On both sides of the traditional divide, the signs so far are that the large parties which have long dominated are struggling to maintain leverage over Macron via the lower house of parliament without losing too many of their troops through defections to his camp. But first, he must choose a Prime Minister and win support from the deputies of the French Parliament, without which his Presidency could be largely unworkable.

"France is one of our closest allies and we look forward to working with the new President on a wide range of shared priorities", the statement read. He won the first round of voting last month over more than a dozen party candidates, although only four - including the increasingly popular nationalist Le Pen - were contenders.

"If all goes well, positive global and European economic tailwinds could help reap the benefits of reforms quickly, dissipating French voters' anxiety about the euro and globalization within the next five years", said Marion Amiot, senior economist at Oxford Economics.

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