Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Wyre Forest hopeful says Corbyn's vision will benefit the area

Meanwhile, the document confirms another earlier pledge that Labour would fund free parking for NHS staff, patients and visitors by increasing tax on private medical insurance premiums.

Does it pass the FactCheck test?

That's the claim on page 10.

There are some problems here...

The director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Paul Johnson, said Labour's tax changes would mark a significant shift.

"They are the majority for change".

Drill down into some of the specific numbers, and the sense of vagueness and uncertainty grows.

The manifesto also pledges to establish a so-called additional "Robin Hood" tax on financial transitions costing £5.6 billion, and an increase in corporation tax from the current 19% to 26% by 2022.

"Manifesto says: A Conservative Brexit will weaken workers" rights, deregulate the economy, slash corporate taxes, sideline Parliament and democratic accountability, and cut Britain off from our closest allies and most important trading partners. Under the Tories, working families are set to be on average over £1,400 a year worse off while those at the top have been given tax breaks worth tens of billions of pounds.

In what its leader Jeremy Corbyn called "a blueprint of what Britain could be", Labour promised to renationalize rail and mail services and water utilities and take some of the energy sector into public hands to better control prices. Whether that breakthrough can happen, we'll wait and see.

The bank idea is in the manifesto, but there's no mention of that £100bn. "I think it would be extraordinary", Mr McCluskey said.

Labour has suspended all of its councillors in Aberdeen after they joined a coalition with the Conservatives. This is long-term capital spending on things like new railways, energy and broadband.

Responding to the Tory claims about Labour's manifesto spending plans, election coordinator Andrew Gwynne said: "This is absolute rubbish from the Tories and yet another wholly cynical ploy to try and avoid scrutiny of their own spending plans".

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How can you increase borrowing but promise to lower the national debt at the same time? Jeremy Corbyn has come across as a man of the people and real leader.

Opinions differ about how to describe these people.

"As Jeremy Corbyn made clear today, that will mean an end to the freeze".

Other pledges in the Labour manifesto include building one million new homes and adding four national holidays to the calendar.

The IFS says the high-income group Labour proposes to target earns more than 20 per cent of all taxable income - but pays more than 40 per cent of all income tax. It's the most thoroughly costed manifesto ever.

The "For the Many Not the Few" manifesto was officially launched on Tuesday morning, promising a series of investments in national infrastructure and higher taxes for the rich.

For the 50,000 people with an income above £500,000, their tax bills could increase by at least £22,900.

Abolish university tuition fees and reintroduce state grants.

It follows government moves in October past year to cut the pharmacy budget by £170m, threatening the closure of thousands of pharmacies across England.

Meanwhile, the party promised to ring-fence mental health budgets "and ensure funding reaches the frontline", pledging that it would reverse the "damage" caused by funding cuts and a big drop in the number of mental health nurses. Presumably, this means they will boost the amount spent per pupil above inflation.

"A Labour government will immediately recognize the state of Palestine", it declared.

As well as headline pledges including scrapping the NHS pay rise cap, re-introducing student nurse bursaries, enshrining safe staffing in law, and guaranteeing the rights of European Union staff, the document includes other measures to support and protect NHS workers.

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