Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

After WannaCry, the Shadow Brokers promise to unleash more NSA exploits soon

The WannaCry ransomware attack had exploited a vulnerability in Windows OS called EternalBlue, for which Microsoft had sent a patch in March. But now, the monthly subscription model might mean the bugs will find their way into the hands of more people, said Hall.

The group's monthly data dump could also include hacking exploits for web browsers, routers, and operating systems including Windows 10.

The hacking group that leaked the American spy tool used in last week's ransomware attack has threatened to unleash more sophisticated cyberweapons, bank data and nuclear secrets. The group also mentions "The Equation Group", which is supposed to be a hacking group linked to the NSA.

On Tuesday, following the WannaCry attacks, the Shadow Brokers posted a new message online in which they claim to have many more Equation exploits that haven't been leaked yet.

"Is being like wine of month club", said the blog post, which is written in broken English.

This EternalBlue vulnerability was actually first discovered by the U.S. security agency NSA, but the agency's hacking arsenal was stolen by the Shadow Brokers, and now the hacker group responsible for this theft has written a blogpost.

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"In June, TheShadowBrokers is announcing "TheShadowBrokers Data Dump of the Month" service", the group wrote in its open letter on the Steemit website Tuesday.

While the motives of the Shadow Brokers remains unknown, it claimed that it wasn't interested in the bug bounties paid by software firms for vulnerabilities found in their code or selling to "cyber thugs". Microsoft has connected previous exploits of its products released by the mysterious Shadow Brokers group to tools which were stolen from NSA cyber warfare operations.

The WannaCry attack stoked fears that the spy agency's powerful cyber weapons could now be turned to criminal use, ratcheting up cyber security threats to a new level.

National security journalist Marcy Wheeler has suggested that Shadow Brokers' recent claims of a new Windows 10 exploit might be a deliberate attempt to inflame tensions between Microsoft and the USA government. While later reports have questioned how much of a role the Shadow Brokers actually had in the leak of the exploits, what is known without a doubt is that the exploits in their possession did indeed originate from the NSA, as confirmed by the Snowden documents. The same EternalBlue exploit has also been used to infect computers with Aydlkuzz, malware that stealthily enslaves your PC to mine for cryptocurrency, according to researchers at Proofpoint. "Microsoft has been critical of the United States government over this stockpiling of vulnerability code, and said this was equivalent to the government losing it stock of 'Tomahawk missiles".

The US government said it seized 50 terabytes of confidential data from Martin's home which was stolen from the NSA and other intelligence agencies.

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