Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Congress asks Pakistan to comply with ICJ order

He even accused the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leadership of "deliberately" planning a weak strategy for Kulbhushan Jadhav's case in ICJ against India. Salve, who took up the case "pro bono" (free of charge), said India had "a lot at stake" in it and that he felt a "positive energy and connect with judges" while arguing the matter in which Pakistan did not seem to have the same.

In its interim order on Thursday, the United Nations court agreed that Pakistan had violated the Vienna Convention.

Pakistan Peoples Party Vice President Sherry Rehman said Islamabad failed to plead its case at The Hague and the Pakistani counsel ended his arguments in 50 minutes against the allocated time of 90 minutes.

In November previous year, Pakistan withdrew six officials from its mission in Delhi after they were outed as suspected spies by India.

For now, the court has taken into account the allegation of denial of consular access, and ruled that prima facie, this brought the issue within the purview of Article I of the Optional Protocol to the Vienna Convention, which says disputes regarding the interpretation or application of the Convention would be subject to the "compulsory jurisdiction" of the ICJ.

He also mounts a defence of the legal team arguing the case, who have come under fire from all sides.

Another analysis on Dawn's website quotes various experts who are of the view that Pakistan should never have accepted the ICJ's jurisdiction in the case. India can then go to the Security Council, which may then decide upon measures to be taken to give effect to the judgment.

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Legal experts blame FO for "poor" case handling, reads the headline of a piece on the Tribune's site.

A Pakistan military court had awarded the death sentence to Jadhav, who was arrested on March 3 previous year, last month for espionage and subversive activities.

It may appear to be a complete victory for India on the questions of jurisdiction, urgency and the core charge that Pakistan violated the Vienna Convention.

Pakistans Foreign Office spokesman Nafees Zakaria also hit out at India today, saying it was "trying to hide its real face" by taking the case to the ICJ.

"In our submissions on 15 May, we had assured the court unambiguously that Commander Jadhav would be provided every opportunity and remedy available under the law to defend his case", a statement said.

Islamabad could insist on cooperation from India on the investigation into Jadhav's activities, he said.

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