Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Life&Culture | By Rose Hansen

Could the Comey memo bring down the presidency?

While the Utah Republican has made his wish to have Comey testify public, he seems to have hit a snag extending the invitation to Comey personally.

At issue is a note Comey wrote to himself describing a conversation with Trump on February 14, the day after Flynn was dismissed for having misled Vice President Mike Pence about a telephone conversation with Russia's ambassador.

Not long after Comey put that exchange with Trump in writing and after the FBI director told lawmakers the investigation of Russian interference and possible ties between Russia and the Trump campaign was active, Comey was sacked.

In addition to the memo in which Comey claims the president asked him to let Gen. Mike Flynn off the hook, Republicans have also demanded any memos and documents related to the Hillary Clinton email server investigation, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Obama.

"There's been no collusion between, certainly myself, and my campaign, but I can only speak for myself, and the Russians", Trump said Thursday at a news conference with the president of Colombia. "But when you add them all up, you have a very plausible obstruction of justice case, I think".

The leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee want FBI Director James Comey's notes.

Israel provided classified intel that Trump shared with Russian diplomats
Trump defended his right to share anti-terrorist information with Russian Federation . He specified it could happen only "if the USA administration wants it, of course".

"While the President is empowered to classify and declassify information at his discretion. any alleged disclosure of this nature may compromise sensitive methods of intelligence collection, imperil sources who risk their lives to provide information, and result in reduced intelligence-sharing with our partners and reduced confidence in the ability of the U.S. Government to keep a secret", they wrote.

Before he was sacked after just 24 days on the job, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn rejected a military plan seven months in the making to retake Raqqa, Syria, from the Islamic State, a plan that went against the wishes of Turkey - a country whose interests Flynn was being paid $530,000 to represent, McClatchy DC reported Wednesday night.

The 59-year-old Flynn has already been at the heart of several controversies in Trump's four-month presidency and now will face new scrutiny with the appointment Wednesday of special counsel Robert Mueller, a former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the county's top criminal investigative agency.

Buried in the Times report is a note that Trump asked Comey to consider imprisoning reporters for publishing classified information.

Flynn, who ended up being fired from the position after just 24 days, is at the center of a sprawling federal investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 United States presidential election. "The country deserves answers to the questions raised and former Director Comey deserves an opportunity to be heard and if appropriate, challenged". To date, no Republican has publicly voiced support for impeachment. They're also asking whether Comey memorialized any other conversations during the Obama presidency or whether he only chose to take notes about Trump. A timeline recently passed out to members of Congress said that because the operation would not be executed until after Trump was in office, Rice asked for Trump to sign off on it, but Flynn said to wait, and he ultimately rejected the plan, reports McClatchy's Vera Bergengruen. That is why Congress needs to focus on establishing the truth about this matter, and soon. Framing political crises as law enforcement matters "has the effect at the end of the day of leaving people with less respect for the legal process than before".

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