Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Former US, Arizona leaders support Mueller selection to lead Russian Federation election probe

Trump referred to Comey's testimony at a recent Capitol Hill hearing after which the Justice Department ended up having to amend part of his testimony regarding last year's probe of Hillary Clinton's email practices. Chris Swecker is now retired from the FBI, but he says his former boss is the best person to lead this investigation.

"My decision is not a finding that crimes have been committed or that any prosecution is warranted", Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said in a statement.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Comey wrote a memo following a dinner meeting with Trump.

"It is hard to see a friend of yours being in the middle of that", said Jan Paul Miller, a St. Louis attorney who worked with Rosenstein when both were assistant USA attorneys in Maryland.

President Trump isn't happy about a special counsel investigating his possible campaign ties to Russian Federation.

"I don't know where this will go". White House officials cast Mr Rosenstein as the prime person behind the decision to fire Mr Comey, even though Mr Trump had already chose to terminate the director.

Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, told reporters Rosenstein was "very careful about not going into any details surrounding the removal of Comey because he wants to give Robert Mueller the opportunity to make an independent decision" about how to move forward on the case.

"I do think you need to be careful, but he'll learn as he goes along", Cheney predicted to CNN's Barbara Starr.

It has been anything but. Such actions were not enough to bring down the group and the Trump administration says it will do more.

There was confusion during the day surrounding Flynn, Trump's former national security adviser who has emerged as a central figure because of his own ties to Russian Federation, which led to his dismissal early on in the Trump administration.

The bipartisan consensus afterward is that the Trump-Russia investigation has taken on a new level of seriousness.

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In a pair of Twitter posts on Thursday morning (local time), Mr Trump made clear he was unhappy with the latest development to roil his administration.

"No. Next question, " the president said during the news conference with the Colombian president.

Analysis: "You're fired" may backfire. Trump himself had already contradicted that explanation, telling interviewers earlier that he had already made a decision to dismiss Comey.

"With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special councel (sic) appointed!"

No, said Democrats, suggesting that special counsel Robert Mueller may not be a truly independent investigator because he will answer to the Justice Department and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Trump cited displeasure with the FBI's Russian Federation probe as a factor in dismissing Comey.

U.S. Sen. Jack Reed said the appointment a good first step paired with the ongoing congressional oversight. Tim Scott, R-S.C. "I do think that the special prosecutor provides a sense of calm and confidence perhaps for the American people, which is incredibly important".

Among the few people who openly expressed their disapproval was Trump himself.

"The entire thing has been a witch hunt", he declared, echoing one of the tweets he'd sent out just after dawn: "This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!".

"The general consensus is it was a good decision to pick a special counsel", said South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham, saying most lawmakers have "a lot of confidence in Mr. Mueller", who ran the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 12 years. Patrick Leahy, the Judiciary committee's senior member, said Congress should press on.

"The Congressional efforts that Chairman Burr and I are leading, we're going to redouble our efforts because we still have to get our job done as well", said Sen.

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