Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Google Android OS Installed On 2 Billion Active Devices

"And Smart Text Selection improves copy and paste", the compnay said in a statement. The Google I/O 2017 too, is quite an exciting event as Google gave us a clearer idea of what their plans with the upcoming Android O Operating System are, as they released the Android O Developer Preview 2.

Play Protect is able to offer guidance when suspicious activity or unsafe apps are detected, and can even remove apps automatically if necessary. Google Assistant is a competitor to Apple's Siri assistant, and now both will compete on iOS.

Essentially, it seems like this Google Play Protect is the new collective name for its major security protocols - the process mentioned above appears to be just Google's existing Verify Apps service, while safe browsing in the Chrome browser and anti-theft via the Android Device Manger have been around for a while, too.

By connecting the smart home appliances to Google Home, users will be able to bark commands such as asking the fridge to make more ice, finding out how long is left on a wash cycle, or adjust the thermostat settings on the air conditioner.

Google has updated its Google Photos app to recognise faces and search for people in albums.

Brazil's Temer Defies Calls to Step Down over Wiretap Scandal
That would also greatly complicate the situation, because if Temer lost that case, he could appeal to Brazil's Supreme Court. Brazilian federal police are searching the office and homes of Neves, a top senator and presidential contender.

When Google launched Assistant past year it made some big promises; you'd be able to have conversations with it, it'll be able to do everything under the sun, from booking a restaurant table, to showing you amusing videos of cats.

Among other things, Google unveiled new ways for its massive network of computers to identify images, as well as recommend, share, and organize photos. Users can now use any two applications simultaneously.

Google's latest tool lets you point your phone's camera at places and objects to get information about them.

Google lens was introduced Tuesday.

Google announced Google for Jobs, a search engine for jobs. Devices with Android Go will have data management and savings in quick settings, and teaming up with carriers will let you keep track of how much data you've been consuming with the ability to top up. Google for Jobs will use variables from job seekers to match them to the most suitable job listing in their area. It is now formally trying to compete with Linkedin and other independent job portals.

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