Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Google I/O 2017: Here's what we learned

Google sure had plenty of new, exciting and significantly improved stuff to showcase, demo, detail and preview during the first two days of I/O conferences and developer-centric events, but as the Mountain View shindig draws to a close, it's time to also look back with admiration and commendation at some "old" things.

Through Google Lens, Google's digital assistant can now understand the world as you see it. Meaning that, even though your Android phone already comes with some apps out of the box courtesy of OS developer Google, you can expand upon that collection by simply entering the Play Store. Or point the camera at the exterior of a restaurant and it will pull up reviews of the place.

It will first be available as part of Google's voice-controlled digital assistant _ which bears the straightforward name "Google Assistant" - and Photos app.

The answer to this situation of Netflix and therefore, one of the weapons with which Google aims to end Root on Android (an increasingly unnecessary system, by the way) is something we have had in the last hours. Also called Lens, it lets people point their cameras at real-world items and find out where to buy them, or find similar things online. For instance, Photos will notice when you take a shot of a friend and nudge you to send it to her, so you don't forget.

Google will also let you share whole photo libraries with others. Facebook has its own version of this feature in its Moments app. But there are a few more interesting new updates coming to Assistant that were not initially explicitly mentioned by the company.

The next version of Android, available to the mass market later this year, aims to gauge and control how much battery life your apps are using.

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In the Android O area of Vitals, Google Play Protect is envisioned to figure prominently and the chief design is to regularly scan installed applications to ensure they're not loaded with harmful elements.

Android Authority offered a more comprehensive list of the feature upgrades that the next Android will deliver to the Pixel phones and other handsets.

Rival Apple plans to provide unveil changes to the operating system for its popular iPhone next month. App developers that really don't want their apps to work on modified devices, the way Android Pay or Pokemon GO blocks them, will have to use the actual SafetyNet Attestation API in their apps. Unlike Android One system, Android Go is not geared towards hardware.

Google's computer programs are gaining a better understanding of the world, and now it wants them to handle more of the decision-making for the billions of people who use its services.

The keynote took place at an outdoor theatre near the company's headquarters.

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