Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Medicine | By Earnest Bishop

Hospitalized After Eating Gas Station Nacho Cheese

Hospitalized After Eating Gas Station Nacho Cheese

Lavinia Kelly went from being a busy, happy mother of three to a partially paralyzed hospital patient after putting nacho cheese on her Doritos at a gas station, family members say. Authorities have confirmed five other cases of botulism linked to the gas station and continue to investigate four other cases.

Within hours she started to feel sick. Botulism, caused by a bacteria-produced toxin, can cause a range of serious symptoms including muscle weakness and slurred speech related to muscle paralysis and can be fatal, according to the CDC.

It's rare for botulism to spread from stores, he notes, as most botulism outbreaks are associated with home canning, like the 2015 outbreak in OH linked to home-canned tomatoes. Torres rushed her back to Sutter Medical Center, where doctors put her on a ventilator and admitted her to the intensive care unit.

Her sister Theresa Kelly tells Fox 40 that Lavinia called her that day and could not articulate the words well, but that she understood her sister was trying to say, "I need you here now".

Kelly is a mother of three. "And I've never seen my sister on tubes or anything like that", she told

"I've never seen my sister, um, not have function of her body or be able to communicate", Theresa said. Theresa said she anxious for her sister's life, as Lavinia struggled to breathe and open her eyes.

On Wednesday, Kelly celebrated her 33rd birthday from her hospital room, unable to move.

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Sacramento health officials are telling to public to seek medical attention if they have eaten at the Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station between April 23 to May 5 and are experiencing any symptoms.

'(The gas station) should have been more aware.

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"Somebody needs to be accountable".

Kelly's prognosis, according to the lawsuit, is uncertain.

The Kelly family has turned to a Seattle firm specializing in food safety issues to pursue legal action against the gas station. 'We will use the lawsuit to learn more about the source of the food product that was contaminated. The family is taking legal action against the gas station. "That's an essential question".

In 2015, 39 of 199 confirmed total cases of botulism were food-borne, according to the Centers for Disease Control's most recent National Botulism Surveillance Summary [PDF].

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