Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Impeaching the President Wouldn't Necessarily Remove Him From Office

USA stocks rallied back on Thursday after seeing their biggest drop in eight months the previous day on worries that the political turmoil could sideline Trump initiatives such as tax cuts that investors see as favouring economic growth.

Overall, presidents typically get far more credit or blame for the state of the economy than they deserve, economists say. And this was all before the tantalizing possibility of a "Comey memo" detailing various attempts by Trump to shut down an investigation of possible ties between former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn and Russian operatives.

In the memo, which ABC News has not seen, Comey wrote that he was asked by the president to let the Flynn probe go in February. Subsequent reports by the New York Times revealed that Trump had pressured Comey for loyalty and asked him to curtail the FBI's investigation.

President Trump's silence lasted just over 12 hours. In tweets, Chaffetz added that he had his "subpoena pen ready" and that he has already invited Comey to testify at a May 24 hearing.

Trump has treated the Russian Federation investigation as a public relations battle pitting him against his many enemies.

Rosenstein, the No. 2 Justice Department official, named Mueller amid mounting pressure in Congress for an independent investigation beyond existing FBI and congressional probes into the Russian Federation issue.

"The whole Comey situation, that's a different ballgame", said Alan I. Baron, who has served as special counsel to the House in impeachment proceedings against four federal judges.

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Eggleston noted that because everything the White House does can get politicized, his job was to police what Obama could or couldn't say with respect to any law enforcement investigation - including cases investigated by state authorities involving black men fatally shot by police.

Does this rise to the level of criminal obstruction of justice?

"If there were any Turkish Embassy officials involved in beating up these protesters, I will call for them to be removed from the country, " said Graham, the GOP chairman of the Senate subcommittee that controls the foreign affairs budget. "If an investigation comes out and shows that he crossed that line, sure. But that's not anyone's place to speculate, the alleged memo has not been released". He claimed that the FBI had spoiled its reputation in its investigations of the presidential campaigns in last year's elections.

"The President fired the FBI Director, not the FBI", Kennedy said in a statement Wednesday. "The American people can make up their own minds, and the chips can fall where they may". "He can take care of himself", the Colombian president said.

A quick history lesson: Nixon's resignation amid scandal meant he was never impeached, and only two US presidents have been so sanctioned. There may be a day when it's no longer politically feasible for Republicans to stick with Trump, but it has not arrived, even though some Republicans are warning that their agenda will stall if the White House doesn't put some of the questions behind it.

"No. No. Next question", he said.

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