Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
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Jim Henson's 'The Dark Crystal' getting a prequel series at Netflix

Jim Henson's 'The Dark Crystal' getting a prequel series at Netflix

Age of Resistance will be set many years before The Dark Crystal, which chronicled the journey of Jen, a Gelfling, who's tasked with repairing the Dark Crystal to prevent the evil Skeksis from ruling the planet Thra forever.

While the film wasn't hugely successful when it was released 35 years ago, Jim Henson's rich fantasy world and intricate animatronic design (which was ground-breaking at the time) have earned it a legion of loyal fans.

The original Dark Crystal is a seminal movie for a number of reasons, most especially because its use of animatronics was so groundbreaking for the era.

1982's The Dark Crystal, set a thousand years ago, centers on the titular item (an artifact that maintains the equilibrium of the planet Thra) wielded by the malevolent Skeksis (a species resembling humanoid vultures) and the ordeal of the last two survivors of the elven-like Gelfling race in a desperate quest to retrieve and fix the crystal. So it will be interesting to see the tone that this new series takes.

Following on from the announcement that the film's original soundtrack would be reissued on vinyl, Netflix and the Jim Henson company have teamed up to reboot the visionary classic.

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Now You See Me director Louis Leterrier will executive produce and direct for The Jim Henson Company.

As a filmmaker, one of my earliest influences was Jim Henson's masterpiece The Dark Crystal, a movie that brought to life a universe rich in detail and teeming with incredible characters. Perhaps it's due to the pedigree of talent that has been signed-on to work on the latest Dark Crystal.

The benevolent god of modern streaming announced today that The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (because even TV is no longer immune from the double-title scourge) will premiere later in 2017, as a 10-episode series. That said, with the direct team-up of the Henson Company, Froud, Leterrier, and their dedication to practical elements, Netflix seems set to capture the spirit of the original work with The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Released in 1982, the Frank Oz-directed The Dark Crystal at first struggled to find an audience, competing against box-office juggernauts E.T. and Tootsie in a packed Christmas market.

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