Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Payments, video messages and quick view arrive in the Telegram update

Payments, video messages and quick view arrive in the Telegram update

The Telegram v4.0 now boasts bot-channeled payments, Instant View platform, and access to video message for non-Telegram users.

That's what Telegram - which has some 100 million users - is promising, with the launch of its new Bot Payments. This means that users can now order pizza, shop, or even pay bills using built-in Telegram bots.

The update also brings along Bot Payments (the ability to order goods and services from bots). Telegram adds that if an account is protected by 2-step verification then users will be able to save card details for future purchases. These bots may now add a Pay button to their messages. When you tap Pay, you'll be asked to fill in your credit card and shipping information and confirm the payment. Then you get what you paid for.

Users can try out @ShopBot which is a demo bot as well as @TelegramDonate bot for testing a real payment with actual money. Bot Payments. - Bots can now accept payments from users.

Telegram introduced chatbots almost two years ago, but it's only now that the company is bringing support for payments for chatbots. Simply head to any chat on Telegram and tap the mic icon to switch to camera mode.

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The second novelty we found out is that of the video messages. Holding the newly emerged shortcut will start recording a video message and letting it go will end the recording and automatically send it to your recipient. Like the Telegram app's push-to-talk feature for sending walkie-talkie-like voice snippets, the new feature lets users send short video messages inside chats. After that, it switches to camera mode.

Instant View, think of it as Telegram's Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or Facebook Instant Articles, is also live for every developer and publisher to tinker with and implement on their sites. That's likely to open up a whole series of commercial opportunities for companies that want to use the chatbot platform to connect with consumers.

Long tap when viewing an Instant View page to quickly copy or share the selected paragraph with friends. Previously, it used a limited layout option for links, but now Telegram has outed its Instant View Platform to enable unique designs.

Telegram has also announced a contest for rule makers where the top contender will get $10,000 (roughly Rs. 65 lakh) for describing the most contest domains with their templates.

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