Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Razer & Bungie Announce Partnership, Destiny 2 Peripherals

Clan support is baked directly into Destiny 2, so you can expect things like in-game rosters, tools for assembling your Fireteam, and custom banners. "We want to get our hands-on Destiny 2 as soon as possible like everybody else, so we offered to share our PC platform with our sister companies for this release", Blizzard announced. Destiny 2 will be out on consoles on September 8.

"Destiny 2 will be integrated into many of Blizzard's existing social features - you'll be able to chat with friends playing Destiny 2 the same way you already can for Blizzard games", said Bungie. Sadly, video capture was only available on PS4, so we'll be sure to post some videos of ours or others when they go live.

Immediately, its apparent the campaign has received a much needed story focused overhaul. There will also be a new feature called "guided games" which Bungie says can help solo players find a group to play with and allows groups to "open up your party to new players who are looking to play with you". From what was shown today, it appears that Destiny 2 will have something for everyone. The PC version of the game is exclusive to Activision's service.

Essentially, Countdown is two teams of 4 (as are all Crucible modes from now on) taking turns in arming and defending or diffusing bombs. If you haven't chosen a clan yet, you will have the option to match with one.

In Destiny 2, the last safe city on Earth has fallen and lay in ruins, occupied by a powerful new enemy and his elite army, the Red Legion.

After WannaCry, the Shadow Brokers promise to unleash more NSA exploits soon
But now, the monthly subscription model might mean the bugs will find their way into the hands of more people , said Hall. The group also mentions "The Equation Group ", which is supposed to be a hacking group linked to the NSA .

With the game scheduled to release later this year, there's no doubt that the game has a ton of hype behind it.

Weapon slots have been adjusted from the Primary, Special, and Heavy classifications to Kinetic, Energy, and Power respectively. Rumors about Steam and a dedicated Bungie app had floated around, but Blizzard Entertainment CEO Mike Morhaime revealed the news in a recorded statement at the end of the presentation.

For many players, particularly those returning from the first version, the more notable updates will be the varied quality-of-life improvements that Bungie announced.

From there your Guardian's quest is all about retaking their home and getting their powers back.

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