Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Life&Culture | By Rose Hansen

Ryan Seacrest mistakes Jeffrey Tambor for dead Ghost actor

Ryan Seacrest mistakes Jeffrey Tambor for dead Ghost actor

Jeffrey Tambor has had a long and illustrious career, with big roles on such zeitgeist-changing shows as The Larry Sanders Show, Arrested Development, and Transparent.

However, the problem was, the man he referred to was not Tambor but actor Vincent Schiavelli!

US TV presenter Ryan Seacrest, famous on NZ screens as the former host of American Idol, has made a shocking on air blunder during a live TV interview.

"We talked about the things you have done and are doing, but to me, you're the scary guy on the subway in Ghost", Ryan gushed.

"Oh, this is frightful. You're gonna be embarrassed", Tambor said.

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"And I had no idea what he was talking about", Tambor said.

Thankfully, Jeffrey Tambor took the error in good heart, although Seacrest better do more research next time. Seacrest was caught making a major flub with guest Jeffrey Tambor on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

"Luckily Tambor joked about the incident: "[Even] my WIFE thought I was Vincent Schiavelli. and we married", he quipped. "Let me ask you, do you think you actually BOOKED Vincent Schiavelli?" he asked. I am hurt. My reps are here, and we are filing an action lawsuit.

The actor also reassured the host that the confusion has indeed happened before and that he was not the first one to mistake him for Vincent Schiavelli. "He's in conversations. His Live deal was made independent of any Idol discussions". Last week, it was announced that ABC was reviving the singing talent competition show from the dead after it already had it's 15-season run on FOX. He took the job for Idol, and to host Live.

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