Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Ryan: Special Counsel Is 'Perfectly Appropriate' In Russia Probe

Ryan: Special Counsel Is 'Perfectly Appropriate' In Russia Probe

Rosenstein, the No. 2 Justice Department official, named Mueller amid mounting pressure in Congress for an independent investigation beyond existing FBI and congressional probes into the Russian Federation issue.

In February, the New York Times reported that "phone records and intercepted calls" prove that Trump campaign officials "had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials".

Trump was also asked whether former Connecticut Sen. "It's special. All over the world wherever you go, the FBI is special", he said, before adding: "The FBI has not had that special reputation with what happened in the campaign, what happened with the Clinton campaign, and even you could say, directly and indirectly with respect to the much more successful Trump campaign".

And earlier in the day, during a private lunch of television anchors at the White House, Trump said he believes the decision to appoint a special counsel "hurts our country terribly" and called it "a pure excuse for the Democrats having lost an election". "I think it shows division, and it shows that we're not together as a country".

Donald Trump embarks on his first trip overseas as president today amid growing controversy at home over his firing of former FBI Director James B. Comey and the special counsel probe of Russian interference and potential connections to Trump aides.

United States extends sanctions relief under Iran nuclear deal
According to Reuters , some of the waivers were set to expire this week unless they were extended by the commander in chief. The reviewing whether to continue honoring what President Donald Trump has called "the frightful Iran deal".

They included media reports that Trump discussed sensitive intelligence on Islamic State with Russia's foreign minister. "Because you look at all of the people on the Democratic side, not only the Republican side, that were saying such awful things about Director Comey", Trump said. Cummings said "we have been waiting for months for the chairman to pick up his so-called subpoena pen". McCabe has replaced Comey, who was sacked last week by Trump.

The group has pursued lawsuits against Trump for violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution by continuing to take foreign payments as president.

One striking piece of news emerged from Rosenstein's briefing: He told senators that he had already known Comey was getting fired even as he wrote the memo that Trump cited as a significant justification for the Federal Bureau of Investigation director's dismissal.

Mr McCarthy, the House majority leader, reportedly said: "There's two people, I think, Putin pays -[California Representative Dana] Rohrabacher and Trump".

The Justice Department says Mueller, the new special counsel, has been given sweeping power to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, including potential links between Moscow and Trump associates. The memo has not been made available to the public. That was the White House's position initially after the deputy attorney general argued in a memo that Comey had erred in handling the FBI's investigation into Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's private email server, even though Trump had praised Comey on the campaign trail a year ago. "I hope you can let this go", referring to the inquiry into Flynn's actions.

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