Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Life&Culture | By Rose Hansen

Saudi to sign trade, political deals with US

This will be President Trump's first worldwide voyage since becoming president, and the Saudi leaders are keen to point out the significance of the first stop being the birthplace of Islam.

According to The Independent, former President Barack Obama sold $60 billon worth of arms to Saudi Arabia.

President Donald Trump leaves today for a nine-day, five-city foreign excursion, his first trip outside of the United States as the country's leader and top diplomat.

KEITH: Being ISIS. In Saudi Arabia, President Trump will give a speech to the leaders of some 50 Muslim-majority countries.

Referring to ISIL and al-Qaeda, he said: "Saudi Arabia agrees with the U.S. administration's view in relation to the role of the United States in the world and in relation to uprooting terrorism".

During Trump's visit this weekend, dozens of senior executives and economic officials from both countries will discuss proposed investment projects in non-oil industries.

"It's nearly always true that when a president goes on a big foreign trip, especially one that has some important summits ... that that dominates the news and knocks most other stuff out", said Republican strategist Charlie Black.

After his weekend trip to Saudi Arabia, the USA president will continue on to Jerusalem, meet with the Israeli prime minister and Palestinian leaders, as well as "say a prayer at the Western Wall", McMaster said.

"On the question of the Trump-Bashir handshake, nobody can pretend anything, but anyway, President Bashir has been invited by the Saudis to be in that conference", Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour told reporters in Geneva.

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Iran's election on Friday is its own concern, Saudi Arabia said ahead of an "unprecedented" summit between US President Donald Trump and dozens of Muslim nations excluding Iran.

Allegations that the President handed Israeli intelligence to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a meeting last week may also come up.

The US president's visit to Riyadh begins on Saturday. "But they clearly see value in the USA economy and investments in the US", he said.

The president is taking that message to Saudi Arabia, the biggest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world, and will urge the monarchy there to tackle the evils of radical Islam head on.

His planned attendance at Sunday's summit of Arab and Muslim leaders in Riyadh had drawn strong criticism from Washington.

Saudi Arabia is not a signatory to the Rome Statute under which the ICC was founded, while Sudan and the United States have not ratified the statute of the Hague-based court.

The kingdom's control of the holy sites has been criticized by Muslims around the world.

"This administration is very clear, not just with Saudi Arabia but also with Turkey and other traditional allies, that the idea is to double down on existing relationships and to put allies first", said Mohammed Khalid Alyahya, a Saudi political analyst and nonresident fellow at the Atlantic Council, a policy research organization.

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