Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Amazon Echo Show With Touchscreen Gets Official

The major difference between the previous Echo products and the Echo Show is the 7-inch touchscreen that Alexa will be able to use to show the user things. Just recently, Echo Look was released, featuring a camera to help you make styling decisions through the use of artificial intelligence, and this week brings about another Echo device, this one being called the Echo Show. Just when those competitors might have been catching up, Amazon just announced another great leap forward: the Echo Show.

Amazon is making headlines with its new Echo devices this week, but if you don't have the money to splurge on Amazon's new toys, there's good news. You can pre-order the Amazon Show starting today for $229.99 from Amazon. The Echo Show details will be posted as soon as it became available in the market. The new feature will not support calls to any landlines, or smartphones that don't have the Alexa app.

In addition to live calls, Alexa will also have the ability to record and send voice messages to your contacts, or store them locally for other people in your home to listen to later.

The touchscreen also lets you control music better, watch video clips, control your smart home (and see items like smart camera feeds), see calendar items, view shopping lists and items you want to buy, and play games. The Show is about $80 more expensive than the standard Echo, which doesn't have a screen. Amazon continues to offer the standard Echo and cheaper Echo Dot.

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Voice calls with Alexa work very much like you'd probably imagine.

Like the Echo speakers, Echo Show includes Amazon's "far-field" microphones and noise canceling technology, allowing the device to pick up your commands from anywhere in the room.

It's not clear if third-party Alexa devices will be included in the voice calling and messaging network.

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