Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Google to ditch its ugly 'blob' emojis for round faces

Google to ditch its ugly 'blob' emojis for round faces

Google's leap into augmented reality could change the way we use smartphones by reading and contextualing what it sees in photos or through a camera, and helping Android users take action based on what it finds.

Google demonstrated the usefulness of the new technology: when the camera is pointed towards something, it identifies what you are capturing. The lens is created to interact with the Google Home app so you can easily make use of this Google Lens app along with the Google Assistant which comes on the Google Home app.

The developments in the Android GO should be of special interest to Indian consumers.

With an aim to reach out to "the next billions of users" with a new initiative, Google also unveiled Android Go - a new configuration of Android for entry-level Android devices. It will allow them to make free calls to any mobile line or landline in the United States for free, without the need for a smartphone. The project is called Android O, and it will take form with the upcoming Android O OS from Google. Google's keynote focused largely on AI and machine learning with Assistant at the centre of it all.

Google Assistant, introduced a year ago, is now on more than 100 million devices, according to the team's vice president of engineering, Scott Huffman.

Years ago rooting a smartphone had a clear objective and that was the user being able to configure the smartphone at their whim and exploit the hardware to the maximum.

Microsoft Points Finger at NSA in Ransomware Outbreak
Fourth, companies and government agencies ignored Microsoft's clear warning to fix the vulnerability that WannaCry exploited. You should make multiple backups - to cloud services and to physical disk drives, at regular and frequent intervals.

It won't happen today. Down the road, however, it might simply be a tiny bud in an ear and a contact lens on an eye.

Google Assistant is now available on Apple platform: The much anticipated Google Assistant on iOS is out now in the Google I/O event. Google also says they will expand this feature so that people can send money directly to other private individuals, for any reason, using the same methods. The notification will only be announced if the user asks the Assistant directly.

"Integrating our full suite of connected appliances with the Google Assistant makes it easier for owners to control their appliances and get on with their day". Google made a number of updates to Assistant's capabilities, including an interesting tie-in with yet another new Google product called Google Lens.

Some 100 million Android devices now have Assistant on them.

"Google could learn from their mistakes in Android One and they would work with handset makers in the sub-$100 segment as these players, too, majority Indian, are under pressure to increase sales", said Tarun Pathak, associate director at Counterpoint Technology Market Research.

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