Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
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Here's How Google's Android Go is Different From Android One

Google Assistant became more capable with new regional launches for Google Home, and visual computing chops in Google Lens.

Google says that Android Go will be optimized to run on smartphones with 1 GB, or even 512 MB, of RAM.

Google used the conference to announce a software kit that will let developers build Assistant capabilities into robots, applications, and other computerised creations.

Google machine vision capabilities are also being used to enable services such as recognising who is in pictures and what they are doing, as well as translate languages in signs viewed through smartphone cameras, demonstrations showed.

Developers cheered when talk turned to Google-backed mobile operating system Android.

Google Assistant on the iPhone brings numerous same features that we know and love about the version on Android, but without the tight integration into the OS. iPhone users finally have a viable alternative to Siri, for those that want one at least, and with developer support, Google Assistant on the iPhone will only get better in time.

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This week, it was announced that Google Assistant is now also available to iOS users, including Apple's iPhone, where it will compete with its own Siri digital assistant. Anyway, Google is specifically concerned with six "vital" metrics now - pardon the brief diversion into highly geeky territory.

Typing a question into Assistant, for example, can feel like just using Google Search in a separate window. Second will be to make sure Google apps on these devices are also optimised.

This will let users easily pay for goods and services online - without using a physical card. Google wants to focus on bringing enhanced Android experience to low-end devices. Google tried to do something similar a few years ago with Android One, but without a lot of sales success.

That includes phone with bootloaders that have been officially unlocked, which is sure to go down swimmingly with parts of the Android community. Apps will also be optimized to run on the OS; they will have file sizes of 10 MB or lower. It does not mean that Google Play would only feature light apps, it will feature all the apps, but the home page shall showcase lighter version of apps. If you can get your hands on the APK there's nothing stopping you from installing the app yourself. The huge user base makes Android - the most popular OS in the market.

The coming version of Android, referred to simply as "O" for the time being, will also have boosted artificial intelligence features along with enhanced security, executives showed.

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