Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Isaiah Thomas named to All-NBA Second Team

Isaiah Thomas named to All-NBA Second Team

Was he hacked? Did he accidentally press something? Keeping everyone in the fold will undoubtedly mean exceeding the cap and incurring a luxury tax bill of some significance, but as far as problems go, having to pony up for young talent is a desirable one.

Prior to Wednesday's shootaround, LeBron spoke about the Celtics getting the No. 1 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft and whether it should have an effect on the crowd for Game 1. Thomas also stated that he believes they could together thrive as teammates. But he didn't have to. Without anyone picking before them, the Celtics can take anyone they want and not have to be cautious of other teams trying to draft someone before them.

I'm going to be realistic now. They don't have to give assets up to go and try to trade for him.

The Celtics were said to be interested in trading for Paul George at the deadline this season.

It makes more sense for the Boston Celtics to wait a year and most likely have another trip to the playoffs. So it's possible they could get Hayward and Fultz. It had been speculated for quite some time that Boston might trade that No. 1 draft pick away prior to the National Basketball Association trade deadline. Who they can trade the pick for is the real question. There are no big forwards or centers who have enough skills or promise to be taken with the first pick. Take Markelle Fultz number 1 and pray in four years he is Russell Westbrook. A couple months ago a picture of the Orlando Magic potential offseason moves was leaked after a newly signed player tweeted a picture of him signing with a board of the moves in the background.

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Behind the lonely Ricciardo, Force India continued its impressive start to the season with Sergio Perez fourth and Esteban Ocon a career-best fifth.

Why would you give up on a guy who just put up MVP-like numbers for a rookie?

Thad Young, Pacers PF, is on that list and has a player option after next season and with the new CBA allowing players to get huge contracts, he's nearly guaranteed to opt out.

Coming off their historic 16 championship, The Celtics had the #2 pick in that year's draft. In Steven's high screen-and-roll offense, Thomas absolutely thrives as the primary ball handler. Monk is what the Pacers have been missing for a while.

Bias' death set the Celtics back for decades, maybe this draft pick will get the Celtics back into their dynasty ways. Replacing Amir Johnson with Gerald Green in the starting lineup again would be an attempt to get lightning to strike the same place twice. One theory out in the Twitter-sphere is the first pick and one or two players for Anthony Davis.

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