Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
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Julian Assange says will not forgive or forget after Sweden drops investigation

Julian Assange says will not forgive or forget after Sweden drops investigation

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has said that "the battle is over but the war has just begun" after Swedish prosecutors closed a seven-year investigation against him.

The Wikileaks founder took refuge in Ecuador's embassy in London in June 2012, days after losing court battles to avoid extradition to Sweden to rape accusations, which he denies. "And that is not something I can forget, it is not something I can forgive", he said.

That's unclear. Assange suspects there is a secret US indictment against him for WikiLeaks' publication of leaked classified American documents, which has infuriated USA officials.

"Given that the European arrest warrant no longer holds, Ecuador will now be intensifying its diplomatic efforts with the that Julian Assange can gain safe passage in order to enjoy his asylum in Ecuador", said Long. Today, he escaped prosecution for a completely separate charge - that he raped and otherwise engaged in "sexual misconduct" with two women in Sweden while he was hiding out there in 2010.

Appearing on the balcony of the central London embassy where he has spent five years, Assange criticised Western governments but said he was prepared to enter into dialogue with London and Washington. He is now free to leave the embassy when he wants.

He said he was prepared to talk to United Kingdom and USA authorities about his position despite "extremely threatening remarks" being made.

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Julian Assange said on Friday that Sweden's decision to drop a rape investigation against him is a "victory" and he is looking for dialogue with British and USA authorities over his future.

"That's because we finally were able to get the interview done and he could describe what really happened and also because we could show that the United States is hunting him, which we could not do before".

He didn't win the election, but his denouncement of Assange could reflect a growing concern of Ecuadoreans about being linked to Assange and the leaking of confidential information.

Earlier, Assange had used social media to vent his anger hours after the Swedish prosecution made a decision to drop its rape investigation against him.

Despite the decision to halt the investigation, London's Metropolitan Police have released a "statement': saying that Assange will still be arrested if he leaves the embassy. The Metropolitan Police Service is obliged to execute that warrant should he leave the Embassy", it read.

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