Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Pence maintains he was unaware of Flynn's lobbying ties during transition

Pence maintains he was unaware of Flynn's lobbying ties during transition

And despite the warning, Trump picked Flynn for the national security post. But, it doesn't seem like that's a person who should be sitting in the national security adviser position.

Also, in a total coincidence, the plan that Trump's incoming administration rejected was vehemently opposed, for reasons of self-interest, by Turkey-a.k.a. the country that paid ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn $530,000 previous year.

Conversations between Flynn and Kislyak accelerated after the November 8 vote, as the two discussed establishing a back channel for communication between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that could bypass the U.S. national security bureaucracy, which both sides considered hostile to improved relations, four current U.S. officials said.

President Donald Trump's pressure on Flynn came even as Trump's transition team was warned that the retired lieutenant general was under investigation, The Daily Beast reported.

Borger said an intelligence official told her "the way the Russians were talking about Flynn was regarded as what they call a "five-alarm fire" from early on".

This is one of those stories that'll be dismissed as "FAKE NEWS!" and then, if Trump actually does re-appoint Flynn to something, the spin will change instantly to "Awesome!"

The White House has said Flynn was sacked in February for lying to Pence about his contacts with Russia's ambassador.

Russian Federation is now a criminal matter, senators say after 'sobering' briefing
Rosenstein may have blunted some of the criticism of his actions in the last week with his special counsel announcement Wednesday. However, he complained in an early morning tweet on Thursday that he was being unfairly singled out for special counsel scrutiny.

Trump angrily denied any collusion with Russian Federation this week and denounced the newest investigation - now in the hands of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III - as "a witch hunt".

USA officials also cautioned that the Russians may have exaggerated their relationship with Flynn in the communications.

The Trump Hotel in D.C. has been singled out for its central role in enabling foreign officials and others to funnel money into Donald Trump's bank accounts.

This week it was reported that Trump personally asked Comey to drop the investigation against Flynn.

Flynn's consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group, was lobbying for a Dutch consulting firm with ties to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before and immediately after the United States election. Flynn had been paid more than $500,000 to advocate for Turkey's interests.

"Whatever Washington, D.C., may be focused on at any given time, rest assured, President Donald Trump will never stop fighting for the issues that matter most to the American people", he said.

"I just got a message from the president to stay strong", Flynn reportedly told his companions. While this claim is still being investigated, Reuters stated that sources informed them that his campaign had been in contact with the Kremlin 18 times past year. And he stood by Trump during the fallout from the 2005 "Access Hollywood" tape, in which Trump boasted of sexual improprieties, even as many Republicans (at least temporarily) retracted their endorsements of him.

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