Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Searching for apps now faster, more convenient with the Assistant App Directory

Owners of Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices compatible with Google's omnipresent operating system have installed 82 billion apps from the Google Play Store over the course of 2016, the Alphabet-owned company revealed. This is good news for those people who've been wanting to maximize the smart assistant but support and service are still limited. Beyond already existing augmented reality systems that can identify businesses and popular tourist destinations for customers, it's hard to imagine all the ways that Google's AI technology will advance this concept; but Pichai provides the example of a user crawling "on a friend's apartment floor to see a long, complicated Wi-Fi password on the back of a router" - a situation in which Google Lens will understand that the user is trying to get the password and automatically use the one it sees to log into the network, without the user having to do anything beyond directing the camera at the password. Google for Jobs could also include a one-click "apply" feature. No, Google is not reanimating the failed Glass wearable, but supercharging the object recognition capabilities of its Assistant and Photos apps.

Man blocked from reaching cockpit
He is expected to face federal charges for interference with a flight crew, FBI special agent Paul Delacourt told reporters. Once the Airbus A321 was in the air, the man allegedly tried to break through the cockpit door, multiple sources said.

Over the past year, PayPal has been focused on forging strategic partnerships with key players across the industry, from Visa and Mastercard to Google and Facebook. For instance, the YouTube Go will offer preview frames of the videos and even download them for offline viewing. Say if you want to know what a particular flower is, you'll be able to bring up Google Lens through Assistant which will will identify the flower and it will tell you what flower it is. If you're trying to find a device from a PC web browser, you're still much better off typing "find my phone" into Google, and using the built-in interface to ping it. This way, it can deliver the more apt response from your preferred source. They must work on to improve their apps especially now that Google Assistant and Google Home are quickly advancing.

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