Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

WannaCry ransonmware attack slows globally; Microsoft says cybersecurity is a shared responsibility

As cybersecurity experts clamored to contain and explain the massive global ransomware attack that infected several hundred thousand computers over the weekend in more than 150 countries, it's the average computer user who should be concerned, multiple experts said. "The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake-up call", Smith wrote. He added that the US government does not recommend paying the ransom and warned that making a payment to the hackers doesn't guarantee that access to computer files will be restored. Most believe that businesses will continue to be impacted at the beginning of the workweek; worse, the fix engineered by the researcher likely will be accounted for in the next version of the ransomware. However, one should be aware at least aware of what he/she is up against.

"[People] should be thinking about this as an attack that for right now we (have) got under control", said Bossert, in an interview with ABC News on Monday.

What is WannaCry ransomware? A message then popped up demanding money while holding the computer hostage.

Once WannaCry has penetrated an organisation, it will hunt down vulnerable machines and infect them as well.

A researcher from Google posted on Twitter that an early version of WannaCrypt from February shared some of the same programming code as malicious software used by the Lazarus Group, the alleged North Korean government hackers behind the destructive attack on Sony Corp in 2014 and the theft of US$81 million from a Bangladesh central bank account at the New York Fed past year. The SMB networks are used in computer systems that allow the transfer of data between two trusted computers.

If you're facing a ransom demand and locked out of your files, law enforcement and cybersecurity experts discourage paying ransoms because it gives incentives to hackers and pays for their future attacks. If payment is not made after seven days, the encrypted files will be deleted. Windows 10 was not affected by the WannaCry attacks.

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The State Bank of Vietnam on May 15 confirmed that no Vietnamese credit institutions were affected by the WannaCry ransomware.

How do I protect myself? If you're not running a legal, official copy of Windows you can't register it, which means Microsoft can't send you updates about security patches.

Secondly, people must update their systems. Next is to educate the workforce about what to click and what to ignore when it comes to suspicious links.

No. Although, the first wave of attack was halted by a researcher from MalwareTech with a kill switch, but the hackers have been able to deploy a newer version of the WannaCry malware known as WannaCry 2.0.

Microsoft which had discontiued security updates to its out-of-date software, has also provided a security update for all customers using Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003, anticipating further attacks on these earlier platforms being used by millions. However, there is no third-party decryption available at the moment.

"We are continuing to work around the clock to support NHS organizations that have reported any issue due to yesterday's cyberattack", NHS Digital said in a statement Saturday.

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