Published: Tue, May 23, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Blizzard announces Overwatch Contenders as development league

Blizzard announces Overwatch Contenders as development league

Those interested in registering for a chance to show off their stuff in the Overwatch Contenders League can do so at this link, though you'd best hurry since competition is set to kick off in just a couple of weeks. Multiple reports have been coming from pro teams that they're not happy with the way the new league is being developed, and now we've learned from Blizzard today that they're launching a new program called "Overwatch Contenders", which is essentially a minor league compared to the players who will be signed up for the official league.

Now that Overwatch is about to celebrate its first year with the upcoming Anniversary event, it's time to start thinking about what its second year of seasonal events might look like.

"To find the top teams on the North American and European servers, Season Zero of Overwatch Contenders will be an open signup, online-only qualifier to determine the top eight teams in each of those two regions". It's time to bring that level of competition to the West. Blizzard will be looking for the top eight teams in each region.

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With Overwatch's one-year birthday fast approaching, Blizzard is preparing to unleash the latest themed event on players, but we've been kept in the dark as to what exactly we'll be playing come May 23. These eight will play a six week round-robin tournament, and the top four will advance to compete for a $100,000 Dollars prize pool. They'll also play for a pool of $100,000 Dollars. The league will officially begin on June 3 and 4 and will run matches throughout June in both the US and European regions.

Once Overwatch Contenders is underway, up-and-coming teams will have additional opportunities to demonstrate their prowess via the Overwatch Open Division. Playoffs begin on July 1 for NA and July 2 for EU.

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