Published: Tue, May 23, 2017
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How to transfer money using Google Assistant

How to transfer money using Google Assistant

If you are having difficulty installing Google Assistant on your iPhone, follow this step-by-step guide to give Google's AI some space on your Siri-ruled iPhone.

The second day of Google I/O 2017 saw tech giant announcing a slew of new payments features including a new Google API that will enable fast checkouts in apps and online, payments with Google Assistant, Android Pay extension to new markets and more.

"MyPanera members who save their loyalty card to Android Pay can discover offers and learn about new menu items, surfaced by Android Pay when they are at the store". With the API, you don't have to have a new hardware or get the Android Pay app. This makes it easy for Google to collect payments on any device when users are doing things like buying content in the Play Store.

That being said, the folks at 9to5Google have noted that despite this, users can still sideload APKs if they cannot be directly installed from the Google Play Store, although that method does come with its own set of concerns, such as whether or not the app you've downloaded is legit to begin with, or a malware masquerading as a legit app.

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Next countries to get Android Pay are Canada, Brazil, Taiwan, Spain, and Russian Federation. In the future, we hope to see the Google Assistant paying for the bill or checking out for the Android users.

With the new Google Payment API, this same ease of payment selection will be available to developers trying to improve the checkout process for customers in their apps.

While it was not mentioned directly, the person on the receiving end of the money transfer will presumably also have to have a debit card attached to their Google Account. The developer API will let devs make apps for rewards redemption, coupon, and loyalty.

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