Published: Tue, May 23, 2017
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Trump builds ties with Arab allies in Riyadh

Trump builds ties with Arab allies in Riyadh

King Salman reiterated Saudi support for fighting all forms of terror and putting an end to its spread across the globe.He also backed up Trump's call to eradicate all sources of financing to Islamist extremists, "to dry up its sources and stand firm in confronting this scourge that poses a danger to all of humanity".

The yawning gap between Tehran and Washington has grown even wider with US President Donald Trump's latest efforts to isolate Iran, which accused the United States of "milking" Saudi Arabia for petro-dollars.

He also claimed during his campaign in 2015 that Saudi Arabia wouldn't exist if it were not for the US.

The Commerce secretary, who accompanied Trump to the oil-rich kingdom over the weekend, said he found it "fascinating" that he did not see "a single hint of a protester anywhere there during the whole time we were there".

White House aides have tried to play down expectations for significant progress on the peace process during Mr Trump's stop, casting it as more symbolic than substantive. The official insisted on anonymity in order to discuss the private meetings.

Iran's newly re-elected President Hassan Rouhani on Monday criticized Saudi Arabia after it signed a huge arms deal with the US, saying "ballot boxes" are more vital than arms for the Arab country.

It's been a long while since then-President George W. Bush labeled Iran, Iraq and North Korea an "axis of evil". His opening address to the Muslim world in 2009 also made numerous references to democracy and human rights. The message behind the pause in Cyprus is that there are no direct flights between Saudi Arabia to Israel.

Hayne gets NSW Origin license to roam
Speaking after the announcement of his Blues side, Laurie Daley has thrown his full support behind NSW halfback Mitchell Pearce. Nathan Peats is now likely to make his debut for the Blues after being a notable absentee from Gold Coast training on Monday.

"There's still a lot of work to be done" to empower women in both Saudi Arabia and the United States, she said.

US President Donald Trump on Sunday urged the Muslim world to join a campaign to "defeat terrorism" in a speech in Riyadh during his Saudi Arabia visit. "So you have another story wrong".

New French President Emmanuel Macron congratulated Rouhani for his re-election on Saturday and said this reinforced the hope his government would apply the worldwide nuclear agreement.

If the president had wanted to attend worship services Sunday, he would have been out of luck. "Without that, any amount of money or investment won't go very far".

Trump's "America first" philosophy helped him win the 2016 election and has rattled allies who depend on US support for their defense.

After hosting Mr Abbas at the White House in March, Mr Trump boldly stated that achieving peace is "something that I think is, frankly, maybe not as hard as people have thought over the years". We will be guided by the lessons of experience, not the confines of rigid thinking.

"When US Presidents have troubles at home as Trump now has, their natural inclination is to seek some sort of foreign triumph to distract attention from their domestic problems", said the political analyst.

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