Published: Tue, May 23, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

WanaKiwi Decryptor for WannaCry Ransomware Works on Multiple Windows Versions

However, Windows 7 held over 98% of the total number of infections, which is unfortunate seeing as it's still the most popular operating system that Microsoft has released so far.

It's unfortunate that these tools have very specific limitations, but those who are able to take advantage of them are sure to be thankful.

While the initial version of Guinet's software solution only helped out Windows XP users, this wasn't a huge help in and of itself given that most users affected by WannaCry were Windows 7 users. The Windows XP count, on the other hand, was "insignificant", the researchers said. Despite that, though, the Redmond giant did roll out security patches even for the 16-year-old Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 when in fact, they had no obligation to do so since the company has officially dropped support for these systems years ago.

The researchers cautioned that their solution only works in certain conditions – specifically, if the computer has not been rebooted since becoming infected and if victims apply the fix beforeWannaCry carries out its threat to lock their files permanently. Sloppy coding enabled researchers to discover that private encryption keys can be recovered from attacked systems, allowing users to reverse the damage. It clobbered Britain's public health system: doctors couldn't access patient files, and those who needed urgent care had been turned away. Beyond Europe, hospitals and telecommunication companies in Asia were also affected.

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The WannaCry cyber attack is believed to have been developed by using a leaked code from the United States National Security Agency. The victims of WannaCry ransomware should not reboot their machines after the infection is in because, this way, the prime numbers may be overwritten in the system memory which will lower the chances of the decryptor being efficient.

According to the information, dumped online by the cybercriminal gang Shadow Brokers, WannaCry relies on a Windows vulnerability that was being exploited by NSA.

Unfortunately if you have been infected and you have already turned off your computer, it is quite likely that WanaKiwi will not work for you.

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