Published: Wed, May 24, 2017
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Samsung investigating Galaxy S8 'iris hack'

Samsung investigating Galaxy S8 'iris hack'

After printing the photo (ironically, the best results were from a Samsung laser printer) the hackers applied a contact lens to simulate the curvature of the eye's surface, successfully fooling the iris scanner and unlocking the device. "There's an iris scanner for peace of mind".

While the Galaxy S8 is one of the first premium handsets to include iris recognition, the feature could come to many more phones in the future.

Members of the Chaos Computer Club hacker group posted a video demonstrating how they can create a fake eye that tricks the iris-recognition capabilities in Samsung's latest smartphone into thinking it is seeing the actual eye of a registered user.

He then sits down with a Samsung Galaxy S8 and registers his own irises to the phone, so that he can unlock the screen using his eyes.

As is the case with all Samsung flagships, the Active variant of this year's Samsung Galaxy S8 is currently in the works by Samsung and thanks to a new leak, we now know what the Active Galaxy S8 will look like. With unexpected help from Chaos Computer Club (CCC), these group of hackers eventually unlocked what Samsung claims to be its "security promise".

Essentially, it means there's no foolproof way to secure your smartphone, even with advanced biometric technology like the Galaxy S8's iris scanner.

Samsung investigating Galaxy S8 'iris hack'
Samsung investigating Galaxy S8 'iris hack'

Once you've taken a photo of the user's eye you'll need to print that out using a laser printer. But considering that a photo of you online might be enough to use to fool your iris scanner, maybe sticking to fingerprints isn't a bad idea.

The revelation will add more fuel to the debate over the use of biometric features as security passes.

That accurate and reliable security was broken by CCC member "starbug", a biometrics security researcher who also broke the fingerprint biometric security of Apple TouchID.

A CCC video shows how simple the trick is. Engling also noted in the release that a high-resolution picture from the internet could be sufficient to capture a proper iris. If reports are to be believed then the Galaxy S8 would have dual cameras with ultra-modern features.

Neither Samsung nor Princeton Identity, the company that makes the iris-recognition module for the Galaxy S8, had responded to a request for comment at the time of writing.

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