Published: Wed, May 24, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Trump's budget director Mick Mulvaney holds briefing

Estimates for funding a full wall across the entire Southern border have ranged in the tens of billions of dollars.

That means, he said, measuring success not by how many people are being helped by a federal program, but by how many people "we help get off of those programs and help them get back in charge of their own lives again".

The White House sent its budget to Congress as Trump flew from Israel to Italy on his first overseas trip as president.

Thus Trump's 2018 budget proposal will slash aid to Ukraine from $667 million in 2016 to $203 million.

Anti-poverty advocates have vowed to fight the budget plan, which requires congressional approval to go into effect.

But the administration's budget would cut more than $600 billion from Medicaid and the federal Children's Health Insurance Program on top of the $250 billion saved from repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

The groups also argue that proposed cuts to crop insurance by prior administrations were unpopular and "soundly rejected" by Congress. "It provides services for Americans struggling with opioid addiction, a problem that affects so many".

"No amount of spin will stop voters from finding out where they stand", said Joshua Karp, with the Democratic-leaning advocacy group American Bridge.

Since half of Medicaid beneficiaries are children, any cuts to the CHIP program - which covers more than 5.6 million youngsters - would "really put children's health coverage squarely in the bull's-eye", said Joan Alker, executive director of the Center for Children and Families at Georgetown University.

"We intend to stick to those", Pitkin said.

"A president's budget is a wish list, and numerous proposals in it may not become law", Brian Gardner, an analyst with KBW Washington, said in a note to clients. "How on earth are those farmers supposed to stay in business without crop insurance?" Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) has dismissed the proposed budget as a "useful debating document" that he believes will never pass in its current form.

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney holds up a copy of President Donald Trump's proposed fiscal 2018 federal budget at the White House on Tuesday.

"We have to avoid the temptation of giving the president everything he wants, because if we gave him everything he wanted into writing we couldn't enact it", Cole said.

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And so - voila! - the Trump administration assumes 3 percent growth for the next 10 years, a level not seen in decades.

"It's appropriate that presidents lay out their priorities, but in the end this is pre-eminently a congressional decision and it pre-eminently needs to be done in a bipartisan way", Cole said.

Yeah, a couple of things about Medicaid, and this is one of my favorite stories to tell about Washington spending; keeping in mind, and I know that you all probably get this, but if you're watching this at home - in Washington, D.C., if you spent $100 last year on something, OK, and we spend $100 on it this year on that same thing, in Washington people call that a cut. OK?

President Trump's balanced-budget goal depends not only on the growth projections but also a variety of accounting gimmicks, including an nearly $600 billion peace dividend from winding down overseas military operations and "double counting" $2.1 trillion in revenue from economic growth - using it to both pay for tax cuts and bring down the deficit.

Trump is "starting with a growth rate without even saying what the policy is", he said.

"A lot of Benghazis in the making if we actually implemented the State Department cuts".

The economic assumptions supporting the new budget plan instantly raised bipartisan eyebrows. I am glad to see that the Trump Administration is trying to address the nation's long-term budget crisis with a budget proposal that balances in 10 years.

It's doubtful the budget has much momentum in Congress.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who has previously laughed at Trump's healthcare stances, tweeted his assertion that Trump's Medicaid cuts are "cruel".

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., offered a measured response.

Deborah Weinstein, executive director of the Coalition on Human Needs, an advocacy group representing more than 100 anti-poverty organizations, called on lawmakers to "reject the bleak and risky vision in President Trump's budget".

"This cut to EPA will right-size the agency and return the focus to protecting air, land and water instead of churning out regulations", he said.

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