Published: Thu, May 25, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

Bitcoin soars above $2400 to all-time high

According to an global crypto news website, "The Japanese electronics giant OKI is launching a new "cash-recycling" ATM for emerging Asian markets to enables Bitcoin holders to withdraw local currencies from their digital wallets".

The company is testing the Coinbase holdings integration with its employees, Johnson said. "This upgrade is needed because more applications can be built on top of bitcoin and more value can be added to bitcoin", he said.

With Bitcoin prices skyrocketing and few people understanding what this investment opportunity is, Bitcoin New Gold Rush, a Bitcoin investment company based in Orlando, Florida, have launched a Bitcoin currency information website. "We set up small bitcoin and ethereum mining operations, just done in the spirit of learning".

Philadelphia police to move into former newspaper building
The police have been headquartered at a decaying building on 8th and Race Streets —called the Roundhouse — since 1963. City officials say they will pursue development opportunities for the former insurance company site.

Bitcoin rose more than 4.5 percent to an all-time high of $2,418.44, according to CoinDesk.

Some are anxious that there's a bitcoin bubble in the making, but Smith and Erik Voorhees, founder and chief executive officer of cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift, aren't too concerned.

"Bitcoin up 100 percent in under 2 months", tweeted DoubleLine Capital CEO Jeffrey Gundlach on Tuesday. "If you are looking at this technology as just a faster settlement system for financial transactions. also disappointing". With companies and investors around the world starting to take a greater interest in bitcoin and its successors, governments and worldwide agencies will certainly be thinking of ways to open the door for cryptocurrencies to enter the regulated sector.

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