Published: Thu, May 25, 2017
Money | By Armando Alvarado

New Jersey's Newark Airport reopens after plane engine fire

However, the air traffic control tower notified the pilots that there were flames coming from one of the engines.

Emergency chutes were deployed around 9 passengers evacuated the plane originally bound for San Francisco, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Five minor injuries were reported.

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A United Airlines flight from Shanghai to New Jersey was delayed for hours as an unruly passenger refused to vacate the seat of another passenger while boarding the aircraft in Shanghai.

Photos and videos taken by other United Airlines passengers on the Shanghai to Newark, New Jersey flight show the man causing a commotion and jeering at his fellow passengers.

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About 124 passengers and seven crew members left the plane, according to sources. Passengers of the plane were evacuated by using the slide.

In one exchange the man says, "This stupid man over here that does not know how to speak English and it doesn't make sense, moron". The passengers were ferried back to the terminal and would be put on later flights, he added.

Of the three minor injuries, one person reported an ankle injury, Guerin told CNN.

United said the passenger, whose identity was not disclosed, became "increasingly disruptive when asked to deplane the aircraft".

The flight departed Shanghai approximately three hours late and stopped in San Francisco to recrew as a result. George Pomianek arrived to the airport to find his wife's flight from San Fransisco had landed in Washington D.C. after being switched to avoid the evacuation scene on the tarmac.

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