Published: Thu, May 25, 2017
National | By Rosalie Gross

Pope Francis Extends An Olive Branch To Donald Trump - Literally

The books and the granite were a nod to Pope Francis' 2015 address to Congress, in which he praised King's civil rights legacy, the White House said.

Francis explained that the branch is a symbol of peace, and Trump replied, "We can use peace". Potica?" Potica is a dessert from Slovenia that the pope enjoys - but it appears something was lost in translation and the first lady responded: "Pizza?

Mr Trump held a private 30-minute meeting at the Vatican with the pontiff that was laden with religious symbolism and ancient protocol. "I hope you do", Trump said.

Meanwhile, Trump gave the pope a first-edition set of writings from Martin Luther King Jr. and a bronze sculpture created by an American artist who lives in Florida.

"Women who have an audience with the Pope are required to wear long sleeves, formal black clothing, and a veil to cover the head", Stephanie Grisham, the first lady's communications director, told CNN.

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President Donald Trump gives his speech to the Muslim world in Saudi Arabia . Our missiles are for peace and for defence.

Although the pontiff didn't refer to Trump in his comments, it came amid a global uproar over the president's administration's attempts to impose a travel ban on seven mostly Muslim countries. Trump, seeming subdued, said "it is a great honor". "It is hoped that there may be serene collaboration between the State and the Catholic Church in the United States, engaged in service to the people in the fields of healthcare, education and assistance to immigrants", the statement said.

The president signed a $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, opened a center for "combatting extremism" in the Middle East and met with several world and interfaith leaders from each of the major religions-Islam, Judaism and Christianity. "I think he does to every world leader".

Trump and Francis clashed previous year when the the pontiff said a man who thinks about building walls and not bridges is "not Christian". Observors may wonder if he'll actually look at Francis' latest encyclicals on the need to protect the environment, as Trump has repeatedly said he just doesn't have time to read.

After Francis in February 2016 suggested Trump was "not Christian" for wanting to build a Mexico border wall, Trump fired back and said the Pope's questioning of his faith was "disgraceful".

If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS, which as everyone knows is ISIS's ultimate trophy, I can promise you that the Pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been President because this would not have happened.

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