Published: Fri, May 26, 2017
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

HTC Link VR Headset Works With U11 Smartphone, Supports 6DOF Tracking

HTC Link VR Headset Works With U11 Smartphone, Supports 6DOF Tracking

Keep in mind HTC also revealed in early 2017 that it was making a new mobile VR headset.

Although it's unclear right now, the new HTC Link could be the VR headset that Chang was talking about in February.

As welcome as it is to see something fresh in the mobile VR space, HTC has only posted info on the Link on its Japanese website.

Instead the Link headset is created to work with HTC's newly announced U11 smartphone. Conversely, the only mention of the official HTC site on the Vive front page is reserved for a footer link.

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Though the Vive has gotten a lot of exciting developer attention, Oculus has been digging deep into Facebook war chests to dole out hundreds of millions to content creators who are willing to launch exclusively on the Rift and Gear VR platforms.

It also offers six-degrees of freedom (6DOF) motion tracking, which we haven't seen before in a smartphone-based virtual reality headset. The company actually set up the HTC Vive Tech Corporation subsidiary back in 2015 under which all of its virtual reality activities have been coordinated.

For innards, the HTC Link is likely to feature two 3.6-inch displays with 1080x1200 pixels screen resolution with a refresh rate of 90Hz. It too supports positional tracking, only without any external sensors - and with the company's beloved Vive branding that the Link lacks.

Then theres an external motion controller tracking, similar to the PS Move system (yes, the light-up lollipops). It is said to come with 110 degree field of view and weigh roughly 554 grams. But before you call the HTC Link a “Gear VR clone”, note that the phone sits outside of the headset.

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